Friday, July 30, 2010

Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes Earle: where do I begin with this one? This singer-songwriter's old-time country, blues, rock and folk music holds a permanent spot in my heart. Like a slow dance with that special someone, Justin Townes Earle's music wraps around you, makes you feel like you've known his music forever and warms your heart in ways only a strong embrace can; or, at other times, has the ability to shake you up and get your boots stompin' hard on the barn wood floor.
I have seen him twice now (once in '09 at the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, NH; and just recently, at Higher Ground in VT); and both times, I couldn't manage to escape without working up a good sweat during his fast ones or getting goosebumps from his heartfelt slow ones.  In addition to his great singing and songwriting, this is one funny man; and he will charm you with his wit, his realness and his blunt honesty, while he tells tales about how each song came to be. He is one of those artists I plan to see again and again; and you should, too, if you're into this kind of music!

Check out some videos of Justin Townes Earle performing live below.

Photo: Kelly Tailer (July 11th, Higher Ground)

This is his Title Track off of his Sophomore album. The part around 2:17 in (and again at 3:10) is so amazing live. I remember being so moved by this; I didn't want it to end...

Mr. Earle expressed how proud he was of himself for getting his two favorite things in the first line of this song — woman and friiiied chicken.

"This one goes out to the great Woody Guthrie."

"Louisiana 1927" off of Harlem River Blues (Release Date: September 14).

He closed with this old one, so I will too. This is a great cover of Can't Hardly Wait by The Replacements. I can listen to this one over and over again...

Sample his Debut Album - The Good Life

Sample his Sophomore Album - Midnight at the Movies

For more tracks, including The Good Life, Yuma, and the album version of Midnight at the Movies, visit Justin Townes Earle on MySpace or at

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