Monday, July 19, 2010

Peter Wolf Crier, Heartless Bastards and The Builders And The Butchers at The Middle East

WOW. Heartless Bastards, The Builders And The Butchers and Peter Wolf Crier played at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA this past Saturday. This show was amazing! I am still sore from rockin', groovin' and drummin' my hands hard on the speaker in front of me. Peter Pisano, from Peter Wolf Crier, was right in congratulating us on the purchase of our tickets; this show was something wildly special! I can easily say this has been my favorite show this year! More on the bands below...

This Minneapolis duo works so well together! Brian Moen confidently thunders melodically at percussion and singer-songwriter Peter Pisano intimately and expressively wails himself red on stage while playing the guitar. They are sharp, sweet and thrilling. Their debut album Inter-Be is a record I want to spend all of my time with (and have been). They're catchy like The Morning Benders, lyrically and sonically strong like Dr. Dog and warm and inviting like M. Ward. I fell in love with these guys as soon as I heard them. This duo's musical language is something to be experienced.

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There's always something so amazing when a band you've been listening to for a while, walks out and performs for you, and TOTALLY BLOWS YOUR MIND! My face was already numb from smiling all night; I couldn't tell what I was doing when I was staring up at these guys. Was my mouth open? Was I drooling? I had no idea but I was in AWE and loving it! Erika's strength, power and radiance soared through the room while the equally powerful and impressive talents of the other band members (bassist Jesse Ebaugh, guitarist Mark Nathan and drummer Dave Colvin) rocked the Middle East. If you don't know these guys, check them out; and be prepared to be amazed!

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I listened to these guys a while back and remember thinking that they were lyrically pretty dark. Normally, I don't listen to dark music but sonically I was interested in this band because they countered the darkness with an upbeat tempo. It was hard for me to focus on lyrics Saturday night, so I wasn't thinking about how dark the music was/is but I was enjoying the rockin', bluesy, boot-stomping, hand-slapping, mind-blowing experimental raw power this band has! Their performance was incredible! I can't even believe how much talent this band has! I really hope they come out with an album that is lyrically a little lighter.

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