Friday, July 23, 2010

Twin Shadow

The best way to describe what George Lewis Jr. has done here is with one word: fluorescent. His music is bright, it grabs your attention and it highlights 80's synthpop with a blinding array of melodies; it is certainly hard to ignore. And why would you want to ignore it when these songs suggest hints of The Spoons (not to be confused with Spoon), Cut Copy (circa '04/'06) and The Police (during Floating Vibes); and, I'm not going to lie, I even picked up on some 'background' vocals in Slow that sounded a lot like Michale Graves of The Misfits. Watch this sweet video of Slow by Twin Shadow below. Then listen to more of Twin Shadow below that.

Photo: Andrew Strasser

Bonus: download Bear in Heaven's – "Lovesick Teenagers (Twin Shadow's Twins in Heaven Remix) here

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