Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Troubles - Worry LP

Hey man, what's the matter? Why do you look so... worried? Is it 'cause the player doesn't have a download button yet? That's what it is, isn't it? Yeah... I had the same worried look on my face, too, but I wouldn't worry too much; it's the 26th and that little download button should magically appear on the 31st. So cheer up buck, you only have 5 more days to go...

In actuality, that's really not that long; lets think of some fun things you can do until then: like... maybe you could put some water in a pot and wait for it to boil? Or you could try staring at the clock on the wall and wait for it to tick? Those sound like fun...

...or maybe you could pre-order this LP at Whatever you choose to do,  do it while streaming Big Troubles' first LP below.

<a href="">Video Rock by Big Troubles</a>

Video: Bite Yr Tongue

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