Thursday, September 23, 2010

Closed Cassette and Top Girls - For Now

Scott Dickson had me on my toes waiting for this track, and like I told him, this track is GOOD and was well worth the wait! For Now is the beautiful collaborative efforts of Closed Cassette and Top Girls. This appears on a cassette mix called Collaborations just released by Dead As Digital, The Road Goes Ever On and Stadiums and Shrines. These guys have worked hard to come together to make a mix that supports great music and the idea of sharing amongst each other. It is packed full of goodies, I'm gonna grab it and I highly recommend that you do, too.

[MP3] Closed Cassette and Top Girls For Now

Artwork by Nathaniel Whitcomb of

Support these guys and all of the other talented artists involved with this project by purchasing it here

Collaborations track listing:

Side A
1. Top Girls and Guerre “Melt”
2. Teen Daze and Jaded Hipster Choir “Low Glow”
3. Weed and Foxes In Fiction “Teenage Dream” (Katy Perry Cover)
4. Closed Cassette and Top Girls “For Now”
5. Ghost Animal and Rachel Levy - “We Don’t Care”*
6. Ghost Houses – “Ritual”

Side B
7. Holy Spirits and Gem Club - “Fingertips”
8. Seeing Suge (Star Slinger, Emay, Blackbird Blackbird) - “Breaking (DEMO)”
9. Pepepiano and Warm Waves - “Air”
10. Gay Boiz (Kumon Plaza and Rachel Levy) - “High Level Alchemy”
11. Star Slinger and Pandit - “Self Love”

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