Saturday, September 4, 2010

Craig Cruiser - 'Cruising the Night Away EP' and 'Adventures in Slumberland EP'

Long weekend! Long weekend! Get out those beach cruisers; plug this audio into your ears and start cruising the days and nights away.

For Your Night Cruising:

Side A - Cruising the Night Away
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Stretch (Intro) | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Tubing | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Girl | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Climbing Sand Dunes | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Slow Dance Romance | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Whippy Dip | Download

For Your Craig Cruising?

Side B - Adventures in Slumberland
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Jungle Jam
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Black Out
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Sunday Best
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Televisions
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Dream Waves
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Haunting Memories

Side A is currently available on Bandcamp as a 'Name Your Price'

Visit Craig Cruiser on MySpace or at


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