Monday, October 4, 2010

Algodón Egipcio

Here's a Venezuelan artist I have been meaning to post for a while now. What drew me to Algodón Egipcio was his ability to create a tranquil environment with his soothing voice and flowing acoustic pop tones. The combination of these mixed with his Venezuelan influences makes this artist quite special and one that stands out from the masses. Algodón Egipcio normally plays in a band called Jóvenes y Sexys but recently completed his first solo album La Lucha Constante—originally planned to be released upon completion but was picked up by Lefse. Many are anticipating the release of this album, and it should be out soon.

[MP3] Algodón Egipico El Ingenio Humano
[MP3] Algodón Egipico El Día Previo | Download

To download El Ingenio Humano, copy and paste this link and add .mp3 to the end (it was confusing my player)

Visit Algodón Egipico on MySpace or on Bandcamp

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