Friday, October 22, 2010

Dirty Pigeons and Bagpipes // A Tale of A European Tour

So, you may ask yourself, why dirty pigeons and bagpipes? Well, my friend, that was the end result of an awesome first night with The Fruhstucks (but we'll get to that). The guys kicked off their I Don't Have A Mind Tour at Le Truskel, a cozy bar nestled in the heart of Paris. The setting was perfect for their die hard fans, as it created an intimate environment and welcomed the opportunity for everyone to walk up, say hello and get to know these guys; and, in other cases, each other.

The night was very special for all of us, and when I say all of us, I mean Sutja, Miguel, Hendrik (of Poule d'Or), Anh Phi (of Voluume!Webzine), Juliette, Marta, Fernando (aka DJ MonkeyzParties) and more. These guys, The Fruhstucks, brought all of us together from different areas of the world just to watch this show; and I should mention that, Sutja, just the day before, lost all of his music, when his computer crashed, and he was forced to improv—and he did one hell of a job!  Here's a video of them performing their tour's title track.

After the show, we went out for dinner then headed back to listen to Marta, Miguel's girlfriend, DJ the rest of the night—who, by the way, is an awesome DJ.

DJ Sutja also stepped in for a bit.

Hendrik, Miguel and Anh Phi outside Le Truskel.

After that we ended up sitting on the pub corner 'til 5am. Then, the most appropriate of ideas became an action—we walked down the street for breakfast— Früstück with The Fruhstucks, the perfect way to end the night... but, I really shouldn't say the night ended there because Hendrik and I decided that it would be way more fun to watch the sunrise at the Eiffel Tower instead of sleep. So we jumped on the closest metro and headed over to that famous icon.

When we exited the station, we walked around the building that would soon reveal the sight of the tower for the very first time (for me, anyway). A drum roll came from the sweepers cleaning up the trash (not really, it's supposed to be poetic). We rounded the corner, leaped over some trash and oooo, aaaah, there it was. We took a few pictures and then the excitement quickly faded when we realized how windy and cold it was. With still a couple hours 'til sunrise, we walked down below in search of some comfy park benches, where we could each claim our own. After a long search, we found some winners (they weren't so bad once you cleaned off the bird sh*t, right Hendrik? ha). Here's a picture to paint the scene for you.

Wearing my new Fruhstucks t-shirt, of course...

Who were we kidding? We didn't sleep. This photo was staged! And guess what? The sunrise was sh*t too. It became light before we saw the damn thing. We kept asking ourselves, where the hell is the f*%king sun? (I'm cursing a lot, aren't I? ha) It looked like noon but the sun was still somehow missing. How could that be? It was light as day! but...we were determined to sit there in the cold with the funky smells and the dirty pigeons until we had some sort of satisfying release from this sad scene.

The sun finally rose above the clouds and smog and set us free of this chosen burden (what a drama I'm making this into, ha—and even though I describe this with an exaggerated sad spirit, all of this was full of priceless fun). So, after sitting there on the edge with the wind blowing trashy smells in our faces for hours, we finally escaped the cold and walked over to the closest cafe to warm up with some tea. An equally delightful and annoying sound, from a display of bagpipes across the street, began to pierce the air. For hours we sat there, listening to the whimpering pipes, sleep deprived, and blurting out nonsense (well, more me than Hendrik! ha...he made perfect sense). Phrases like dirty pigeons and bagpipes haphazardly introduced themselves to the conversation in between sips of coffee and tea. We both stayed up until 4pm that day. What a way to kick off the tour—unforgettable.

Their next show was in Santa Cruz, Tenerife at the very creative and modern Espacio Cultural El Tanque (Keroxen festival), which turned out to be a very special show. I think a lot of people fell in love with them that night (if they hadn't already); and it turns out that they were invited back to close the last night of the 2010 Keroxen Festival with Lydia Lunch (pretty f#%kin' awesome). Here are a few videos from that night. To view more, check out the new Relentless Noisemaker channel on YouTube.

New cover of Atlas Sounds' Shelia.

Their latest track, I'm Thinking of Gold

Fine Before (their otro on the Parade, I Don't Care EP)

Hats & Cats. I love the end where Sutja is messing around with the mic.

In addition to the awesome show The Fruhstucks put on, the night began with a brilliant display of live music by Hormiga de Pan synced up with live painting by Rafael Pinillos y Simone Marin. So so kick ass. Check it out.

After the show, we hung out at some bars 'til the early morning hours. Here's a shot that was taken in the streets of Santa Cruz.


While in Paris, I also met up with Alex of Seven Sons Records and headed over to his Girlfriend's joint called Le Pied de Biche, (a new groovy shop full of eclectic finds and good taste) to check out an art exhibit and listen to their friend, Matt, perform under the name Swancrash. And I have to tell you, if you dig nintendo punk and you ever get a chance to see Swancrash perform, do. He's f'n hilarious, his music is awesome and he has slight outfit changes for each song. I give him two nintendo controller thumbs up, WAY UP. Visit him on MySpace (which currently only has his old music, but hopefully, he'll add some new stuff soon...let's hope!)

So, the trip was fun. The nights were spent partying; the days were spent eating, drinking and doing whatever. When it came down to it, I really didn't care enough to go see any tourist attractions (other than the tower and the dirty locals with wings, of course); I just let the wind take me wherever, that's how it should be, right? I think so...

Many thanks to everyone I had the privilege to meet and hang out with. Lots of love for all of you. Besos.