Monday, November 29, 2010

Pure Ecstasy

Don't you think if a band is going to name themselves Pure Ecstasy, they'd have to be pretty damn good? I would think so. Actually, I would hope so. Lucky for Austin, I don't think any bar fights will start with an argument against them; these guys are pretty damn good. So, until they start producing music that is below bar standards, all bar stools will calmly remain at rest.

Pure Ecstasy will be releasing their debut album very soon; so in addition to these three indie psychedelic tunes (two of which have already been released) you'll have a few X-tra to chill out to.

[MP3] Pure Ecstasy Voices
[MP3] Pure Ecstasy Alexandria
[MP3] Pure Ecstasy Dream Over

Here's a short and lovely promotional clip featuring one of their purely ecstatic tunes. Shot and edited by Riley Blakeway.

MINKPINK - Summer 2011 from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Pure Ecstasy on MySpace

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