Friday, November 12, 2010

Weed & Foxes in Fiction - 'Teenage Dream' Katy Perry cover (video)

A Katy Perry cover? Really? Yes, I never thought a Katy Perry song would make it onto this blog but after listening to Weed's and Foxes and Fiction's recent collab of Teenage Dream over and over...and over again (I have to say it is shamefully addicting), I decided that I had to share it. When you reach second 47 and Weed steps in, you'll understand why it made it to this blog. The contrast of their two sounds in this song are more than enough to keep you interested; and I'm willing to bet you'll catch yourself singing it later in the day.

Weed & Foxes In Fiction (Katy Perry cover) from franzgoumet on Vimeo.

Foxes in Fiction on MySpace
Weed on MySpace

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