Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Meanest Boys

Your day just got a little meaner and stranger but don't worry, these super chill, fuzzy, lo-fi tunes won't hurt you or bite you...but there's a good chance California's Will Marquis will (if he's as mean as he claims to be).

These tracks appear on his Probably Not EP, and up until recently, you were able to bank it for a buck on Bandcamp but now it's only available for your listening and sharing pleasure (what a bitter/sweet deal that is). Who knows? Maybe he'll change his mind and his name to The Nicest Boys and make it available for download again...but, then again...Probably Not...

This is one of the Strangest Things you'll ever hear.

This is I Won't Bite (you should sink your teeth in this one until second 47 before you decide to call it quits).

You should Probably Not listen to this EP on Bandcamp and you should Probably Not go to his MySpace page either. Be mean! Fight fire with fire! No, don't do that. Be nice. Hugs and kisses for everyone.

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