Monday, January 31, 2011

Lantern - Crude Vessels of Sound (video)

You might want to keep a glass of water close by 'cause this wonderfully barren, bluesy track and video are soon to make you thirsty with their desert heat. These lingering fuzzy notes will trap you like the hot sun until they impulsively fade away into something more thirst-quenching—I was kind of hoping for a lemonade stand, personally, but I think you'll enjoy what Lantern, Alex Zhang Hungtai (aka Dirty Beaches) and Jacqueline Lachance have in store/'in desert' for you.

Lantern from Jacqueline Lachance on Vimeo.

Lantern's debut EP Deliver Me From Nowhere can be purchased over at theirTumblr page.


I love the beating heart that drums in the background: it serves as a reminder that time and reflection are both constants throughout this video.

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