Sunday, February 6, 2011

Horrid Red - Pink Flowers EP + Video

Just like the black and white stripes that cover the wall in the picture below, this album jumps from one color to the next, with its mixture of meditative instrumental tracks combined with more textured post-punk darkwave melodies; those, in particular, are what grabbed me most out of this album—mainly because of the strong character that Bunker Wolf brings to them. I'd like to think that his voice is represented as the pictures seen on the wall below—they're embodied and framed by these stripes of variation but they also add that bold red accent that crosses the line.

Horrid Red just released their Pink Flowers EP on Soft Abuse and it is currently available as a 3-track 7" or a 7-track cassette; both with digital download. You can also grab this album on Bandcamp and listen to it in its entirety.

Note: give Foehn Winds a little time to pick up

[MP3] Horrid Red - Pink Flowers
[MP3] Horrid Red - Transparent Gardens
[MP3] Horrid Red - Foehn Winds

Here is the video for their title track. I would say that this blushes with pink accents as well as Horrid Red.

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you can find them here on Bandcamp

Horrid Red on MySpace

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