Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Don't Surf - La Cuenta de Fernando Ramos EP

Well, these guys obviously don't surf but their music is great inspiration for the rest of us to throw on our seal suits, grab our thrusters, and head for the ocean...that is, unless, you live somewhere inland, and then you might have to settle for the closest wave pool...and sit there...until about...June-ish.

The next time I go surfing, can someone stand there with a boombox and play these songs overhead, while I get overhead?

[MP3] We Don't Surf - Yo No Quiero Luz
[MP3] We Don't Surf - Que Desastre
[MP3] We Don't Surf - Yo No Quiero Tu Depresion

Swell then, it's time to go grab these guysez EP before there's a big close out. So do yourself a favor, get on deck and grab this album over at Bandcamp. Fernando Ramos will thank you.

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  1. Fernando Ramos is a brazilian actor who died at age 19 in a police shooting in rio. he portrayed the titular character in Pixote, a film about orphaned criminal kids. He remained in poverty after the film until he was killed