Monday, March 21, 2011

Sutja Gutiérrez - Travel Song [Double Meaning] (video)

Sutja Gutiérrez defines artist in every way—not only is he a great musician but his drawings, photos and videos are such great forms of his strong artistic sensibility; you wonder why he's not pursuing a career down that path sometimes...(maybe 'cause we'd never ask him to stop making music!) In any case, this is a new video for Travel Song (Double Meaning), which is off of his somewhat recent release, Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack.

Also, if you missed Lucy (another must-must-listen!) and the rest of Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack, I highly recommend that you check it out and download it for free here or head over to Decaucho.

[MP3] Sutja Gutiérrez - Travel Song (Double Meaning)

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