Saturday, March 19, 2011

Volar Records Sampler

San Diego's Craig Oliver is the mastermind behind Volar Records, a label I delved right into after I wrote about Pope Anything (one of his featured bands) this week. Well, it turns out, not only do I love Pope Anything (a band with songs that, according to member, Jimmy Vincent, smell like a crying pork chop), I also really dig this dude's style, and thought you might, as well. Here's a little soundcloud sampler of some of my favorite Volar tunes (so far).

Ale Mania - Robust Universe

Dirt Dress - Alligator Lungs

Black Orphan - Metal Leg

Fresh & Onlys - Black Coffin (7" version)

Beaters - Fishage

Audacity - Ears and Eyes

Here's an interesting excerpt from an interview with Craig Oliver by the San Diego Reader, which explains the meaning of the label name, Volar.
“In English it’s a term for the palmar region of the hand. In Spanish it’s a verb that means different things — to fly, to disappear, to blow up or demolish, to be blown away by. My ex-girlfriend came up with it. We liked the idea of holding something in your hand that could be destructive or take flight.”
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Pope Anything - Up Against the Wall

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