Friday, April 8, 2011

Collection of Stuff: On My Mind...

Everything on my mind right now...

Grimes [split 12 w/ D'Eon out April 19th on Hippos in Tanks/Arbutus Records]

[MP3] Grimes - Vanessa | Video by David Dean Burkhart
[MP3] Grimes - Weregild

The Notes

[MP3] The Notes - Those Days, Those Nights
[MP3] The Notes - Awake
[MP3] The Notes - Nineteen


[MP3] G.O.U.A. - You'd Think that, Right?
[MP3] G.O.U.A. - It's Not the Same River, He's Not the Same Man

Jeff & Jane Hudson Captured Tracks to do a repress of Flesh (expanded) | via Altered Zones

[MP3] Jeff & Jane Hudson - Los Alamos

Guards - Cover songs 7"

[MP3] Guards - Taxi cab (Vampire Weekend cover)

Happy Trendy + Coma Cinema

[MP3] Happy Trendy - Nerves (Coma Cinema Remix)

Mane Mane

[MP3] Mane Mane - Just Called 2 | Triple You Tapes | Video by Miko Revereza

Honeydrum - Vacation (<---- grab it there or here ----> Amdiscs)

[MP3] Honeydrum - Shy Boy | Video by Behind the Walk-in
[MP3] Honeydrum - Itchy Throats
[MP3] Honeydrum - She's Gone For The Summer

Teams - Dxys Xff (<---- grab it there or here ----> Amdiscs)

[MP3] Teams - Designer Black
[MP3] Teams - Dxys Xff
[MP3] Teams - Stunts

Friends (not to be confused with Friends)

[MP3] Friends - Friend Crush | Download
[MP3] Friends - Sorry | Download

Casino Gardens - Casino Gardens [via Rose Quartz]

[MP3] Casino Gardens - Silicon Hill
[MP3] Casino Gardens - Finding You in the Plaza

Sun Glitters & Steffaloo

[MP3] Sun Glitters - Cosmic Oceans (feat. Steffaloo)

Chevalier Avant Garde

[MP3] Chevalier Avant Garde - Young
[MP3] Chevalier Avant Garde - Haircut
[MP3] Chevalier Avant Garde - Red Sea

Autre Ne Veut

[MP3] Autre Ne Veut - What's this Life For?? | OESBEE tribute to Creed [ya, I know...]

Julian Lynch Terra LP out April 26th on Underwater Peoples

[MP3] Julian Lynch - Back
[MP3] Julian Lynch - Terra

Maria Minerva & Raw Thrills

Night Angles

[MP3] Night Angles - Aerodynamour |

Cankun Excerpt from an upcoming CD due out May 24th on Hands in the Dark | More


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