Saturday, April 30, 2011

heRobust - Snail Gate [video]

Unlike a lot of other retro-style videos that have been surfacing, this one pops with so much color that its polished appearance becomes truly hypnotic (I don't even have the right words for it, really). As much as I love the faded retro-look (can't express that enough!), it's refreshing to see this new style come about by the bold (and dare I say—beautiful?) Boldtron brothers.

I've watched this a few times, and I'm definitely not going to stop there—I'm so blown away by this!

This is off heRobust's album, Albumin. Stream the entire thing on his Bandcamp or download it for free over on the Saturate Records' page.

Check this track, too.

[MP3] heRobust - Grief Case

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