Friday, April 29, 2011

La Big Vic - Mr. Broken Bird [video]

La Big Vic's latest, which they just debuted, and I can't stop watching (with and without my eyes closed!), is currently only available in video form—pixelated video collage form, to be exact. Their full-length, Actually, actually drops May 10 on Underwater Peoples, so get after it; and get after this.

Video Mulch by Luke Wyatt

If you missed any of La Big Vic's tracks in circulation, head over to SoundCloud or check out a couple below.

[MP3] La Big Vic - Musica
[MP3] La Big Vic - HEYO (Silver Morning)

I have to thank Ric Leichtung for sharing this video with me earlier. Not to mention, soon after, I saw that Rezzie featured it yesterday on Weird Magic. Gotta give both of you guys La Big Love.

La Big Vic on Facebook