Saturday, April 30, 2011

Milky Sway - Cosmic Touch [video]

We all know Jem's truly outrageous (truly, truly outrageous). Here's a new video from Jorge Torrens (also see Port City) for Milky Sway, Cosmic Touch—which features a great clip from one of her obviously outrageous episodes. Oddly enough, I've been singing Jem all day...

This track is off the album, Sexy Casual. Grab it on Bandcamp

[MP3] Milky Sway - Cosmic Touch
[MP3] Milky Sway - J*A*M*Z

In addition to that, Milky Sway has also ganged up with Candy Starlight and just released a free album on Bandcamp entitled, Fantasy Night. Listen to a couple of the tracks below and watch the video.

[MP3] Milky Sway & Candy Starlight - Dream Boy
[MP3] Milky Sway & Candy Starlight - Bustin' Free

Milky Sway & Candy Starlight on Facebook

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  1. Cosmic Touch reminds me a lot of Oriol .. good stuff.