Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Memories - Baby (You're Totally Crazy)

Accented by a dim light and the smell of second-hand smoke on my skin, this song caught me at the cusp of consciousness, late in the evening. Lost amongst my own memories, I heard Devin ("The Serpent" Ruben Perez) playing this song in the other room—repeating it, until we all slowly faded along with it. It made the best night cap (thanks Devy).

The Memories are a Portland, Oregon band made up of White Fang and BOOM! members. This is off their debut self-titled release—a 12-track album you should def head over to Bandcamp and listen to (though this track's my fave – I've played it 30 times today).

[MP3] The Memories - Baby (You're Totally Crazy)

Grab their Gnar Tape or their gnarly digital download.

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