Thursday, August 11, 2011

Raw Thrills - Please Let it Happen to Me [MP3/video]

Using footage from one of my favorite live videos from the 60s, The Temptations - My Girl (which you may have already spotted at Coco's bday party), as well as some other timeless b&w film, Zak Mering, aka Raw Thrills, brings us an up-to-date Joe Meek-inspired classic. Well, kind of... this was actually recorded in 2009 but he just decided to dig deep into his music archives and unearth this love gem.

Hold me now.

[MP3] Raw Thrills - Please Let it Happen to Me


  1. where did you go? I effing love your blog.....

  2. awww, i luvv u <3<3<3

    sry i've been missing :/ ...I didn't think I'd take this long of a break (time just sort of flew by)...but i hope to post more soon!...just needed to recharge ;)

    thank you for this, it means the world to me....xxxx