Thursday, June 21, 2012


Drooling so hard I could Splash in my own saliva~*

Though you may not get to see the high heels, makeup and glittery sweaters (that make you out-of-your-mind jealous!!) from this digital track, that's exactly what you can expect from this pool of soaking-wet transcendental, power-pop, boogie babez (Nick Scheider, Etienne Duguay, Jan Woo, Sasha Desree, and Andre Sellers), when they dive on-stage and deliver a live set that completely covers the dance floor with listeners' perspiration. HOWEVER, this version will not leave you short of an imagination or deprived of energy OR left without wanting to make-out with someone.

And while I can't help but think of Michael Jackson, The Jetson's Movie and every awesome 80's memory I ever had, with Ever Before, their overall sound splashes into a variety of tracks we aint heard N-Ever-Before >>> So much more to come!