Saturday, May 12, 2012

MD - Pretty Faces (Nate Trinrud Remix)

Actress, singer and songwriter, Marisa Duchowny, of New York's The Rabbit & The Hare, layed down an acoustic version of this track, which was then picked up and remixed by friend and actor, Nate Trinrud.

Inspired by a set of babez and beautiez during an audition and the desire to become 'known amongst a crowd of faces', Marisa jotted down some lyrics where she threatens to use "guns and bombs if her voice isn't loud enough!!!Though this track is soft and slow (and, lyrically, may be a little less enticing for a more edgy set of ears), it gradually picks up intensity and peaks around a min-and-a-half where it then becomes an infectious and melodic anthem for anyone who is trying to make it amongst the masses.

Artwork by Alis Pelleschi

[MP3] MD - Pretty Faces (Nate Trinrud Remix)

Marisa Duchowny and bandmate, Neill MacCallum, can be found singing together as The Rabbit & The Hare later this month at New York's RAW event May 24 at M1-5. And though these two started up as a folk duo, there's talk about exploring a more electronic route in the near future.

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