Friday, December 31, 2010

Raw Thrills - So Post

Zak Mering makes it possible for music crushes to exist. So Post is a 13 track album that he slipped my way yesterday morning and, at this point, I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to it. This is just another reason to grab Raw Thrills' 14 track Shakedown LP a little early. Like I had mentioned before, the first 50 copies of this LP will also recieve a cassette with these 13 unreleased tracks. So get down, Shakedown and grab it early over at Sixteen Tambourines (and it looks like Olde English Spelling Bee will be carrying some of his records in the future, too).

So, I honestly love all of them but I figured I'd leave a few for you to discover on the tape. Are you as excited as I am to see that he covered Nilsson? (!!!)

[MP3] Raw Thrills Where (Feat. Weyes Blood)
[MP3] Raw Thrills How Can I Trust Her
[MP3] Raw Thrills So Post
[MP3] Raw Thrills The Girls Got A Boyfriend
[MP3] Raw Thrills Cruisin Down the Stream
[MP3] Raw Thrills Break on Through
[MP3] Raw Thrills Without Her (Nilsson cover)
[MP3] Raw Thrills Sweethearts Handbone
[MP3] Raw Thrills Good Times (Nilsson cover)

And while you're at it, scoll down the page for his Last Thought Before Sleep video

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

(Please) Don't Blame Mexico - The Protocol (video)

Jean Thevenin filmed this over a 24 hour span with 50 feet of Super 8 film.

THE PROTOCOL - (Please) Don't Blame Mexico from jaune! on Vimeo.

Now out on Sauvage Records and available for free download on Bandcamp.

[MP3] (Please) Don't Blame Mexico The Protocol | Download

(Please) Don't Blame Mexico on MySpace

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catwalk - (Please) Don't Break Me (video)

Here's Catwalk's (Please) Don't Break Me (again) — this time, as a (video) from Wooden Lens.

Catwalk // (Please) Don't Break Me from Wooden Lens on Vimeo.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Walsh - Chic/Dawgs Bluddd (video)

Here's something new from Brandon aka Dracula Horse aka Walsh; aka just watch and enjoy.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Low Sea

Waves gently tickle my feet as I walk along the smooth wet sand. There are no footprints for miles. I am alone. The setting sun causes my eyes to squint while I try to make out the colors of the buoys in the distance. The low sea abandons much to be discovered along the shoreline. Iridescent light reflects off of broken shell surfaces, while inside, my heart aches.

Ireland's Low Sea released a full-length and an EP this year. You can grab both on iTunes or their latest on Lefse. Here's my favorite track from each, as well as their so-very-addicting, so-very-sweet cover of Sweet Jane.

[MP3] Low Sea Some Kind of Strange
[MP3] Low Sea Lay Down the Truth
[MP3] Low Sea Sweet Jane (Velvet Underground cover)

Here's the video for Sweet Jane.

This is the video for Lay Down the Truth. You should Sea this, too.

Low Sea on MySpace

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Golau Glau - Oak Moon

In honor of the Winter Solstice, here's Golau Glau's celebratory track off of the Myrrh & Myth EP. Now out on The Pin Factory label and currently available for free download on Bandcamp.

[MP3] Golau Glau Oak Moon | Download

Here is their video for this lovely track.

Oak Moon from Golau Glau on Vimeo.

Golau Glau on MySpace

Dominant Legs - Run Like Hell for Leather (video)

Here's a new video from Fabien aka The Tearist. This features scenes from Meshes of the Afternoon by Maya Deren, and The Dante Quartet by Stan Brakhage.

Dominant Legs - "Run Like Hell For Leather" from The Tearist on Vimeo.

More Dominant Legs

Dominant Legs on MySpace

Hands and Knees - 'Wholesome' Album Premiere (and more)

OK, it's TIME! Time for what you ask? Well, my friend, it is now time to feature one of the bestest bands around; one that I fell in love with a very long time ago; one that is no secret to Boston (but still, somehow, remains to be a secret to Boston) and one that I cannot wait to share with you (AGAIN!).

You remember ...the new unreleased record! from back in August? Well, that album now has a name, and it's called Wholesome and it's as delicious and nutritious as that bowl of bran flakes you have in front of you this morning...but unlike what you've got there, what these guys have here will have you singing and "dancing around the kitchen and whistling like a foolish old man!"

Here are some of my favorites from this newly mastered album (that they will be releasing next month) but you can stream the entire thing in the last post or over at Bandcamp.

[MP3] Hands and Knees Close Your Eyes
[MP3] Hands and Knees The Moonlight is Wicked
[MP3] Hands and Knees Throw Me from the Bridge of Flowers
[MP3] Hands and Knees Dancing on Your Tears
[MP3] Hands and Knees Fieldtrip!
[MP3] Hands and Knees I Won't Miss You
[MP3] Hands and Knees Sitting at the Piano Disappearing

Also, can I be honest with you? When their sophomore album Et Tu, Fluffy? came out, I looped some of these tracks (especially "What Ever Happened to That Beautiful City?) for HOURS. Obsessed would be an understatement. So, I figured I'd share some of my favorites off of that album, as well, just in case you want to obsessively do the same.

[MP3] Hands and Knees Midnight in the Applefield
[MP3] Hands and Knees We Are the Man Who Cannot Fly
[MP3] Hands and Knees Hot Little Item
[MP3] Hands and Knees What Ever Happened to That Beautiful City

In the spirit of the Holidays, here is a jingle jangle for you from their latest double-sided Holiday 7". This, along with their other holiday number The Biggest Snowflake, can be purchased for two dollahs on their James Brown Died on Christmas Day Bandcamp page. This video is from their Holiday pre-pre-release party earlier this month in Cambridge, and if Joe O'Brian's performance doesn't make you smile then I don't know what to tell you; you might just be a grinch...OK, HIT ME NOW!

Also...(yes, there's MORE!) these guys (and gal) are as sweet as their music is so if you ever get a chance to see them live, please do. They are such lovely people, they're fun to talk to and they're loud and rowdy onstage just like a Boston band should be!

Visit these guys on MySpace

Friday, December 17, 2010

Raw Thrills - Last Thought Before Sleep (video)

Probably not the most appropriate song to throw on here for a Friday afternoon, as you should be revving up for your weekend but here's a short thrill to get you hyped-up for Raw Thrills' 14 track Shakedown LP that will be out by February on Sixteen Tambourines Records. This is the solo work of our beloved Zak Mering (of The Sweethearts, Greatest Hits and Outer Limits Recordings, etc.) Pretty much anything this guy does, I am way into and it will end up in my library.

This video is so rad.

Raw Thrills - Last Thought Before Sleep from Raw Thrills on Vimeo.

Pre-order this up at (along with so many other awesome records). Limited 300 colored vinyl with first 50 copies to include an extra cassette with 13 unreleased songs.

Check out Raw Thrills on MySpace

OK, that's it; I'm going to go practice my paper airplane skillz now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Yes Club - Whoa

WHOA, I didn't get out much today but even if I had I'm pretty sure this would still top most things I could have seen today.

Did you get to see a shark?? Or...?? Or...??

These three dudes recorded this in their New York practice space on Dicta Tape. You can download this jam for free on Bandcamp, along with their sssecond track Second Sunday, if you ssso desire.

[MP3] The Yes Club Whoa | Download

Oh, Yes. Oh, f#%k Yes.

Join the club on MySpace

The Gee Cees - Buzz Saw Twist (video)

Here's a little firecracker for this 1961 jam from The Gee Cees. Now grab a buzz saw and do the twist. Just kidding; I don't really recommend that...

This video is called Anna y los fuegos by Compañía Volcánica.

Grab the tune here.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still Corners - Eyes (Rogue Wave cover)

As soft, light and lovely as the snow falling outside my window. This is a new cover of Rogue Waves' Eyes from London's Still Corners.

These guys are planning to make their way over to the US in March and may be one of the lucky guests at SXSW next year.

[MP3] Still Corners Eyes (Rogue Wave cover) | Download

This is Magic Chill's video for this lovely track.

Still Corners on MySpace

Monday, December 13, 2010


The sun has left, the clouds have returned and the rain has washed the snow away. Somehow, the hands of time have reversed overnight — leaving behind mid-summer warmth and late-autumn-like surroundings. With the change of weather, came a 'typhoon', that splashed and crashed against my windows for hours. A sudden disruption to my night occurred — one that kept me awake and thinking; much like the unexpected surprise of a vicious storm that nails you a like a typhoon, everything you know around you can change just as suddenly — a good night's sleep, the change in weather or a shift in life events. Luckily, as fast as the storm may appear, it can fade just as quickly — and with its trail, follows a time of stillness and a moment to reflect; or, in some cases, just a mellow Monday. In honor of this almost catastrophic weather event (joking), I thought I'd share a tune from the very appropriately named band, Typhoon.

This is a 16 (sometimes 19) member band from Portland, Oregon — a place that is very familiar with the moody weather patterns of this earth. These guys have a bunch of great tunes coming out (some of which you can check out on their site and through the form of video on the web) but here's one from their May release Hunger and Thirst, that I absolutely love.

[MP3] Typhoon CPR/Claws Pt. 2

This is a video from Matthew Ross for the same track. This was shot with a Bell and Howell Super 8 and Canon 7D. It takes a few twists along the way. Enjoy.

Check out Typhoon on MySpace or visit them at

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soda Shop - Farewell (video)

Here's Drew Diver's official video for his and Maria Usbeck's charming indie pop track Farewell, which was featured back in November. If you missed it, want to hear more or would like to read about their upcoming 7", you can check it out here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Meanest Boys

Your day just got a little meaner and stranger but don't worry, these super chill, fuzzy, lo-fi tunes won't hurt you or bite you...but there's a good chance California's Will Marquis will (if he's as mean as he claims to be).

These tracks appear on his Probably Not EP, and up until recently, you were able to bank it for a buck on Bandcamp but now it's only available for your listening and sharing pleasure (what a bitter/sweet deal that is). Who knows? Maybe he'll change his mind and his name to The Nicest Boys and make it available for download again...but, then again...Probably Not...

This is one of the Strangest Things you'll ever hear.

This is I Won't Bite (you should sink your teeth in this one until second 47 before you decide to call it quits).

You should Probably Not listen to this EP on Bandcamp and you should Probably Not go to his MySpace page either. Be mean! Fight fire with fire! No, don't do that. Be nice. Hugs and kisses for everyone.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer

This track gently tugs at the deepest part of you — causing you to dream and drift away to a place where you can reminisce about times past.

This is the second track off of Diamond Messages' debut Smoke and Mirrors EP. Released November 29. Available wherever records are sold.

[MP3] Diamond Messages Liquid Summer

Here is their video for it, which features clips from the 1970 classic En kärlekshistoria. You may also recognize this footage from Paddy Power's video for Around the Moon by Summer Camp (which I featured back in September).

Diamond Messages - Liquid Summer from Diamond Messages on Vimeo.

Check out this video for their EP's title track Smoke and Mirrors on YouTube.

(Thanks to Stadiums and Shrines for the original YouTube vid)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Neon Indian - Mind, Drips (video)

Over a year ago, we were all taken on our first Neon Indian mind trip (and what a trip it was!); now, after much play and much rest, Neon Indian has suddenly surprised us with our first mind drip — one that allows us to explore the trippy results of the LZX Visionary.

Neon Indian "Mind, Drips" Official Video from Neon Indian on Vimeo.

Here's a little blurb about the video:

"Lars Larson and partner Edward Leckie of Sydney, Australia have been developing an analogue video synthesizer called the LZX Visionary in the tradition of esoteric video art tools used in the 1970's. The LZX Visionary manipulates and creates images in the same way a normal synthesizer does for sounds. Mind Drips is the first music video to utilize this unique synthesizer, and all of its visual effects are recorded in real-time using techniques such as abstract pattern synthesis, video feedback, and analog compositing."

Monday, December 6, 2010


Lace up those lollerskates, here's some indie pop from brooklyn that will get ya spinning those wheels around the rink...or your living room...or your office! Do it. You won't do it.

It's Monday, just tell them you're still drunk...

I'm actually a velcro kind of gal myself, and always will be. How 'bout you? Do you prefer the security of a long, luxurious lace or the convenience and comfort of a strap?

[MP3] Rollerskaters In The Dark
[MP3] Rollerskaters Boyhood
[MP3] Rollerskaters Sleep Tight

Download these tracks on SoundCloud

Here's a video for their track Sleep Tight (which was their first release a few months back)

Want more visuals to skate to? Check out Dino Rossi's video for Boyhood here.

Skate away today on MySpace

Sunday, December 5, 2010

La Femme

It's wild and I La La La Like it! This is La Femme's track Sur la Planche and their totally radical video for Amour Dans le Motu.

Watch out, you might just fall La La La Love tonight.

[MP3] La Femme Sur la Planche

LA FEMME - Amour dans le motu from lafemmeressortt on Vimeo.

PS: If you La La La Live in LA or CA (or the US), then I've got some news that you'll La La La Like: these Parisians are currently on their US tour, so if you can catch them, you'll be one of the La La La Lucky ones (but you better hurry!).

La Femme's La Blog
La Femme on La MySpace

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wise Blood - STRT SRNS (video)

Oh, yes...yes, yes, yes. Here's an awesome video for Wise Blood's STRT SRNS by Pat Vamos. He used some filthy footage from the Adventures of Filthy Harry trailer, which you can check out here but you might want 1:39 of your life back.


[MP3] Wise Blood STRT SRNS | Download

Get wise on MySpace
GET SMAHT on Bandcamp

Friday, December 3, 2010

Magic Magic

Saw these guys play in Cambridge Wed. night and they totally blew me away. After losing power at my place from a wild storm, I headed over to Middlesex Lounge to watch one of the most mind-blowing performances I have seen in a while. I really just want to say F#%K yeah! This is some crazy good indie rock that isn't just noisy but has substance, soul and sweat.


What they contribute together as a live band is a sound and an energy that is completely different from what you'll hear from them on these few tracks (yes, I know that's usually the case with live music, but theirs is ridiculously good); the talent that pours (floods!) out of these guys makes me weak and woozy...and short of breath (evidently). 

Here are a few tracks from their self-titled '08 LP. If you haven't yet, get after these.

[MP3] Magic Magic French Song
[MP3] Magic Magic Over Your Heart
[MP3] Magic Magic Savage
[MP3] Magic Magic Talking Smoke

Also, these Dedham dudes just released their second LP What Ever Happened to Monday Nights? It's pretty mellow compared to their first release and what they are currently working on now but if you're in the mood for mellowing out here are a few Songs for Toons.

[MP3] Magic Magic Songs for Toons
[MP3] Magic Magic Kiwi
[MP3] Magic Magic Tsunami

And finally, this is a video from the other night (I hope you realize how hard it was for me to film this and not dance/convulse). Enjoy!

Grab their stuff over at
Check 'em out on MySpace

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blouse - Shadow

"When the wind is blowing and the leaves are shaking, I feel like a shadow..."

This is a new dream pop track from Portland's Blouse; let it blanket you like the shadow of a swaying tree while you drift off to sleep.

[MP3] Blouse Shadow | Download

Shimmering Stars

Hi friend, I just thought I'd tell you that the stars in the sky have never shimmered as bright as the ones I see in your eyes tonight. Are you blushing yet?

Here are some/all of my favorite Shimmering Stars tracks from the last few months. I thought I'd cluster them all together—kind of like the M 31 cluster (aka the Andromeda Galaxy) that will be visible during this month of December; but in actuality, you don't really need that, there's more than enough here to get you to stargaze for daze.

[MP3] Shimmering Stars I'm Gonna Try
[MP3] Shimmering Stars East Van Girls
[MP3] Shimmering Stars Suns Going Down
[MP3] Shimmering Stars Let It Be Me
[MP3] Shimmering Stars Atmosphere (Joy Division cover)

Here's the shimmering video for I'm Gonna Try. Directed by Salazar (or should I say, SalaSTAR).

Shimmering Stars - I'm Gonna Try from Salazar on Vimeo.

Reach for the stars at Almost Musique, Bandcamp or other far-off galaxies/iTunes.

Get starry eyed on MySpace

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gold Panda - Same Dream China (video)

This is Connor Burke's whopping 24k gold video for Same Dream China. It comes in all shades of gold—an entire spectrum, in fact—and has also been proven in 4 out of 5 case studies to alter a person's mental state so that they never dream the same again...they say you actually dream in Chinese. How about that for a video?

Gold Panda - "Same Dream China" Music Video from Connor Burke on Vimeo.

I don't know what the going rate is for an entire Gold Panda these days but you can stream and order the debut LP at and grab some free panda treats over there, too. So go get 'em, tiger! I mean panda...

Be a gold digger on MySpace

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pure Ecstasy

Don't you think if a band is going to name themselves Pure Ecstasy, they'd have to be pretty damn good? I would think so. Actually, I would hope so. Lucky for Austin, I don't think any bar fights will start with an argument against them; these guys are pretty damn good. So, until they start producing music that is below bar standards, all bar stools will calmly remain at rest.

Pure Ecstasy will be releasing their debut album very soon; so in addition to these three indie psychedelic tunes (two of which have already been released) you'll have a few X-tra to chill out to.

[MP3] Pure Ecstasy Voices
[MP3] Pure Ecstasy Alexandria
[MP3] Pure Ecstasy Dream Over

Here's a short and lovely promotional clip featuring one of their purely ecstatic tunes. Shot and edited by Riley Blakeway.

MINKPINK - Summer 2011 from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

Pure Ecstasy on MySpace

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lindsey Buckingham - Holiday Road (flashback video)

Hey guys, I'm heading down the Holiday Road for a bit. Gonna take a break from the world wide web and hang with the fam and eat some turkey and lamb...thought you might enjoy this Lindsey Buckingham. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And if you don't celebrate it, maybe you should 'cause turkey is good.

Ducktails - Hamilton Road (video)

Swimming holes, long grass, tire swings, friendship, romance, picking flowers, bike riding, daydreaming, bubblegum, lazy sunny afternoons, surfboards, salty hair and sunsets...and driving down long winding roads with your hands hanging out the window.

Everyone deserves to get lost in this song. I always listen to it on loop—it's way too short and way too good not to let it carry you away. Here's a new unmastered version (originally released back in August).

[MP3] Ducktails Hamilton Road | Download

This is a new video for it by Thal.

Ducktails - Hamilton Road from Thal on Vimeo.

Ducktails on MySpace

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Future Islands - The Ink Well (video)

Here's the new official video for Future Islands' The Ink Well. Directed by Theo Anthony.

THE INK WELL /// FUTURE ISLANDS from Theo Anthony on Vimeo.

Order it on Friends Records

Future Islands on MySpace

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weird Korea

Here's some moody, noisy kick ass basement rock from some weird dudes producing this stuff on their Nintendos over in Purchase, New York.

This here photo is vintage Weird Korea getting weird and awesome.

Starting off with their almost nine-minute-long track Dagger (this is the one that really hooked me) from their No Art // No Trade EP. Currently available for free download on Bandcamp. The beginning of this song couldn't be more perfect.

[MP3] Weird Korea Dagger | Download
[MP3] Weird Korea Youth Cult | Download

Get weird on MySpace

Sunday, November 21, 2010

WOOM - 'Muu's Way Remixed' and 'The Hunt Video'

Since the release of WOOM's debut album Muu's Way back in July, there have been a bunch of remixes that include the works of Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, BJ Warshaw (Parts and Labor, Shooting Spires), Lucky Dragons, Talk Normal, Japanther, and Butchy Fuego (Pit er Pat, The Boredoms). BaDaBing Records recently announced that they are going to release this "slew of remixes" as an EP entitled Muu's Way Remixed. Check out two of the tracks below and definitely watch this new video for their original release of The Hunt.

[MP3] WOOM Quetzalcoatl's Ship (Greg Saunier Remix)
[MP3] WOOM Salt (Japanther Remix)

This video is gorgeous.

WOOM: The Hunt from Double Triple on Vimeo.

July 2010 post on WOOM - Muu's Way

WOOM on MySpace

Friday, November 19, 2010

MIXTAPE: "Hey, listen to this!"

Here's an eleven track mix of some songs I have been digging over the last couple of months but haven't had enough time to give them each their own feature. I thought it might be nice to throw them up here for you to enjoy on this sunny (and snowy) Friday. To be quite honest, I'm still not ready for winter... I'd much rather be hanging out on the beach and making phone calls with this guy, how 'bout you?

Depending on how close you follow music, these may or may not be new to you at this point, but nonetheless, always nice to come back to so "hey, listen to this!"

[MP3] Walsh Birthday Girl
[MP3] Small Black Search Party
[MP3] Greatest Hits You're Just An UPTOWN GIRL
[MP3] Millionyoung Calrissian
[MP3] Coolrunnings Chorus | More Coolrunnings
[MP3] Generationals Trust
[MP3] Tennis Take Me Somewhere | More Tennis
[MP3] Michael Parallax Man, No
[MP3] Blouse Into Black | Via
[MP3] Sleep ∞ Over La Rose
[MP3] Lord Huron When Will I See You Again


"Hey, watch this!" Here's a video by Magic Chill for Tennis Take Me Somewhere.

Tennis - Take Me Somewhere from MAGIC CHILL on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Soulbenders - I Can't Believe in Love (flashback video)

Here's a video for Grand Rapids 1960s garage rock band, The Soulbenders.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Tallest Man On Earth - Love is All (video)

Here's the new official video for The Tallest Man On Earth's Love is All track. Johan Stolpe "bought 4 rolls of super 8 film from a random guy in Finland and made this."

Love is all I have for this...

Tallest Man On Earth - Love Is All (Official Video) from johan stolpe on Vimeo.

The Tallest Man On Earth on MySpace

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Now two years after Jonquil's 2008 Whistle Low EP was released and their title track is still one of the most played songs in my entire library. No matter what mood I'm in, this song has me jumping up from my seat and dancing like a complete nut. Jonquil released their sophomore 7" One Hundred Suns today and I can already tell that the track It Never Rains will have me shaking my limbs in unnatural ways over the course of the next One Hundred Suns and days.

Here are both tracks: start with the new then the old, or the old then the new; it's up to you.

[MP3] Jonquil Whistle Low
[MP3] Jonquil It Never Rains

Jonquil on MySpace

Anika - 'Anika' and 'Yang Yang Video'

This self-titled album is full of trippy, post-punk, psychedelic, 60s-sounding tunes and grooves. I suggest listening to the few tracks below and go from there. Anika will be released in the States this December on Stones Throw but you can stream and purchase the album now on Bandcamp.

Anika's voice and the sirens in her Yoko Ono cover have been driving me wild for days.

[MP3] Anika Yang Yang
[MP3] Anika Officer, Officer
[MP3] Anika No One's There

Here's the sweet video for Yang Yang.

Anika - Yang Yang from Mintonfilm on Vimeo.

Anika on MySpace
Anika on Bandcamp

Monday, November 15, 2010

Computer Magic - The End of Time (video)

Dino Rossi has been up to some tricks lately. We never know what or when he's going to pull something out that little hat of his. This time he surprised us with some Computer Magic MAGIC. So reach into your own hat, pull out that mouse and click play; it's time to get digital everyone!

computer magic :: the end of time from Dino Rossi on Vimeo.

More magic on MySpace

Sunday, November 14, 2010

French Films - Golden Sea EP and Golden Sea Video

I don't know how these guys managed to do it in this short four song debut EP but Finland's French Films has created a sound that fluctuates between that of more well known bands, such as The Drums, The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, The Colour, Stellastarr and even Joy Division. I know that's a lot to live up to (and they sound like The Drums more than any of them) but it's the vocals that really trigger those musical connections for me. All and all I don't think you can go wrong if a band is compared to even one of those aforementioned.

French Films released their Golden Sea EP last month.

[MP3] French Films Golden Sea
[MP3] French Films Take You With Me
[MP3] French Films Lift Me Up
[MP3] French Films Dropout Jr.

Here is a video for their awesome title track.

French Films - Golden Sea from hoodywarrelsonboots on Vimeo.

Check out French Films on MySpace

(Thanks to iamnosuperman)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Palms on Fire

My palms have been ignited from hitting replay all day! This is some of the catchiest indie beach pop I have heard in a while, and the fact that it comes with a Russian accent makes it all that much better. Yes, you should listen to this.

[MP3] Palms on Fire Deep Forest
[MP3] Palms on Fire Palm Tree
[MP3] Palms on Fire You Are My Dream

Palms on Fire on MySpace

Download the entire EP, now available on Holiday Records

Friday, November 12, 2010

Braids (video)

Beautiful Braids...I really want to experience their intertwining strands of "sweeping sounds" and strong structures in person one day. Their debut album Native Speaker will be released January 18th on Kanine Records; and I really can't wait! I think it's going to be mind blowing, judging from what I have heard from them so far.

Some of Raphaelle's inspiration for this album came from the feeling of damp hair (I think that's pretty funny). Check out this awesome performance by them, and see if you can pick up on that dank damp feeling.

Braids on MySpace

Weed & Foxes in Fiction - 'Teenage Dream' Katy Perry cover (video)

A Katy Perry cover? Really? Yes, I never thought a Katy Perry song would make it onto this blog but after listening to Weed's and Foxes and Fiction's recent collab of Teenage Dream over and over...and over again (I have to say it is shamefully addicting), I decided that I had to share it. When you reach second 47 and Weed steps in, you'll understand why it made it to this blog. The contrast of their two sounds in this song are more than enough to keep you interested; and I'm willing to bet you'll catch yourself singing it later in the day.

Weed & Foxes In Fiction (Katy Perry cover) from franzgoumet on Vimeo.

Foxes in Fiction on MySpace
Weed on MySpace

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Games - Shadows in Bloom (video)

Here's the oh-so-sweet video for Games' way-too-short track Shadows in Bloom, off of their recently released, very futuristic, very awesome, can't-get-enough That We Can Play EP. Now out on Hippos In Tanks and elsewhere.

OK, now that you've got the scoop, You Can Play...

GAMES - shadows in bloom from W31RdCoR3 on Vimeo.

(via GVB)

The Octopus Project - Hallucinists (video)

Fantastic video for The Octopus Project's experimental pop track Hallucinists by Wiley Wiggins.

Hallucinists from Wiley Wiggins on Vimeo.

Check out The Octopus Project on MySpace

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tree Hopping - The Beat Band

Holy loincloth! Gabriel Berrios' drum beats and samples make me want to swing from branch to branch and dance and dance on a tropical island! I have listened to this album tree times today! If you don't like this album, I don't know what to tell ya!

(Thanks to Unholy Rhythms)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Soda Shop - Farewell

Well, being a sucker for sentiment and a catchy 50s-sounding tune, this Brooklyn duo (Maria Usbeck from Selebrities and Drew Diver of Horse Shoes) caught my attention rather quickly with their track Farewell, not too long ago; and ever since then, I have found myself taking swigs, gulps and guzzles of their delicious fizzy pop Soda Shop offerings. Their debut double-sided 7" is expected for release this January on Shelflife Records; so man a seat at the counter, friends, you don't want to miss these specials!

Single Side - Farewell (with gas)

B-Side - When You're Lonely (sans gas)

Soda Shop 'til you drop on MySpace

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seamonster - These Bones EP and Oh Appalachia Video

This bone-us EP was released at the end of October on Gold Robot Records. It is actually meant to be an accompaniment to the Two Birds 7" that was released back in March but it has a new track, a cover and some really sweet remixes that you should def. check out and download for free.

01. Seamonster - These Bones
02. Seamonster - New England (Bomarr Remix)
03. Seamonster - Oh Appalachia (Slow Jam Version)
04. Seamonster - Oh Appalachia (SOVIET Remix)
05. Seamonster - Oh Appalachia (Railcars Remix)
06. Seamonster - Bearsuit (Meanest Man Contest Remix)
07. Seamonster - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (Visions of Trees Remix)
08. Seamonster - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (Roman Ruins Remix)
09. Seamonster - The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (The Rocketboys Remix)
10. Björn Kleinhenz - Annalee (Seamonster Cover)

[MP3] Seamonster These Bones
[MP3] Seamonster Bearsuit (Meanest Man Contest Remix)
[MP3] Seamonster The Philosophy of Andy Warhol (Visions of Trees Remix)

Download the entire EP

Here's a video by Chad Hartigan for Seamonster's original track Oh Appalachia.

Oh Appalachia from Chad Hartigan on Vimeo.

Seamonster on MySpace
Seamonster on Bandcamp

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tomorrows Tulips - Eternally Teenage (video)

"Happiness, love and haircuts"...or so they say. Here's one off of Alex Knost's and Christina Kee's debut EP.  These guys from Costa Mesa, CA produce mellow beach wave, garage rock that will leave you feeling eternally teenage.

Oh, Jack Coleman, what is it about you?

Tomorrows Tulips - "Eternally Teenage" from jack Coleman on Vimeo.

Buy their cassette EP at Papermade

Pick Tomorrows Tulips on MySpace

Catwalk - (Please) Don't Break Me

Here's another one from Captured Tracks that will be released later this month on a 7".

Catwalk - (Please) Don't Break Me

Also, here's a short but very sweet experimental clip of Catwalk's 2008 7" release from YAY! Records. If you haven't yet, listen to the original version of Past Afar on YouTube.

This dude totally stole my moves...

Do the Catwalk on MySpace

Friday, November 5, 2010

Soft Healer - Movie Light

Post-new age, jazzy, tropical, garage rock full of soft healing power. This was released back in May on Captured Tracks.

Check out their track Souer as well on MySpace

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Air Waves - Knockout (video)

Total KO! Another great video by Magic Chill. She's oooonnn fiiiiirrrree, she's on fiiiiiirrreee.

Air Waves - Knockout from MAGIC CHILL on Vimeo.

Ride more Air Waves over at MySpace

Walsh - Sweet Draemz (video)

Sweet Draemz (are made of this). Here's the latest video by Dracula Horse. It's very Draemy.

WALSH - Sweet Draemz from DRACULA HORSE on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boylant - 'Silver Thistles' and 'Sweet Nothing'

I know a Boylant song when I hear one, that's for damn sure; well, I guess the fact that they come from him also helps but there is something so undeniably unique about Reed Parker's voice and the atmosphere he creates with his somber, yet cheerful beats and melodies. I always find myself swaying in my seat, nodding my head or tapping my fingers in a very relaxed way. It's the kind of music that distracts me from whatever I'm doing and leads me to glossy gazes and twirling of the hair.

His newest of the new tracks Silver Thistles lives up to its name with its shrilling sharp edges and reflective vocals in shiny silver surfaces. And his other new track Sweet Nothing should be called Sweet Something because that's exactly what it is.

[MP3] Boylant Silver Thistles
[MP3] Boylant Sweet Nothing | Download

More Boylant

The King Khan & BBQ Show ('videos')

It's lunchtime, how about a BBQ show? I love coming back to these guys.

Starting off with my favorite BBQ dish I'll Never Belong, off of What's For Dinner? (but more like what's for lunch?)

And for seconds...

And for, I'm hungry today

If you want 4ths and 5ths (or 6ths and 7ths) go eat them up on MySpace

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Seabear - Lion Face Boy (videos)

So, some of you may have already seen these on the FB page but I realize not everyone goes there; and these definitely deserve some blog time. So, if you have seen them, watch them again, and if you haven't, do. These were filmed by my amazing and talented friend Ben Fee/Bar Bar Apartment Sessions. And because both versions of this song are wonderful and worth watching, you get both to watch with your lion face.

This is the first take.

Seabear - Lion Face Boy from bar bar apartment sessions on Vimeo.

This is the Take 2.

Seabear - Lion Face Boy (Take 2) from bar bar apartment sessions on Vimeo.

Sea Seabear on MySpace

Monday, November 1, 2010

Wheels On Fire - Bad Lie (video)

Love this ragged rock from Athens, ohio. Bad Lie is off their latest album Liar Liar, which was released back in September on Alien Snatch!. Go Snatch! it up.

Spin those fiery wheels and head over to MySpace

(Thanks to Fabien)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spook Houses - Real Ghosts/Pretend Ghosts

Here's one more spooky artist for you before I head out for the evening. These guys are also from Ridgewood, New Jersey...what is it about that place? Honestly...

Start with Family Plot, that's my fave...

Check out Spook Houses on MySpace

The Mumlers - Coffin Factory (video)

Happy Halloween everyone! Here's a spooktacular jam from one of my favorites.

More from The Mumlers

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Craig Cruiser - New Theory (Washed Out Cover)

Ben Wagner, aka Craig Cruiser, covered one of Washed Out's best songs, New Theory, on his eight track release, Lifestyles (out today). And although summer comes to mind when we think of the word 'chillwave' Ben mentioned that this album, and the dreamy genre as we know it, is more about being trapped in his room during the wintertime than anything else.

[MP3] Craig Cruiser New Theory (Washed Out Cover) | Download

Listen to the entire album on Bandcamp

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mo-Dettes - White Mice (video)

Check out mo of dis or mo of dettes!

The Growlers (videos)

Dino Rossi got me on a Growlers video kick today. This first one is one he recommended after my last post, and I would have to agree with him; it does pair up quite nicely with it. So, in his honor and The Growlers', here are a few videos for you to check out. I LOVE these guys!

This is Spider Stomp (I do the wiggly stomp when I see spiders, fo sho!)

"Change, people don't change. People don't change when you want them to."

This is actually called Drinkin' The Juice Blues

Check out The Growlers on MySpace

The Strange Boys - Be Brave (video)

Feeling a little strange today.

These guys are no strangers but check 'em out on MySpace

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bela Tarr - Salty Lights

Gorgeous video by Valentina Dell'Aquila for the ethereal psychedelic track Salty Lights by Bela Tarr.

Bela Tarr - Salty Lights from valentina dell'aquila on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Coco's OCD)

Outer Limits Recordings

Here you go, Sugar Pie. This is another track from Sam Mehren (who is Outer Limits Recordings). There are two amazing 7" singles coming out next month and if you pre-order by November 15th, you also get a free DVD with these awesome videos and more. So head over to OESB, check out some vids and gets some goods. This is just a little sample of what you can find over there right now (in addition to The Sweethearts video from last week).

[MP3] Outer Limits Recordings Sugar Pie (Demo) | Download

Here's the video for Plastik Child. It's fan-plastik!

Outer Limits Recordings "Plastik Child" from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE on Vimeo.