Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rollerblade | Simulation Fucked | Dolphin Tears | Ailanthus Recordings | Casino Gardens | Beer on the Rug

Skeechie Skeechy Bryan of Casino Gardens, Dolphin Tears, etc., and Colin of World Series has teamed up with Roberto Clemente Rookie Card to bring us a set of corrugated collectibles under the name, Rollerblade. This limited-to-50, handmade, cardboard jewel case houses an all-star Skeechie Skeechy Bowley Ball CD-R package, consisting of a 16(ish)-minute track and two bonus singles (below). You can find the digital version out now on Bandcamp but expect the CD-R to drop in a few days on the new RCRC label, Ailanthus Recordings.

[MP3] Rollerblade - You Got a Girlfriend
[MP3] Rollerblade - Blowin' W 

In addition to that, Bryan's expected to drop another CD-R on the label, Beer on the Rug for the [just] digitally released album, Reflections on Waterfront Property, under the moniker, Dolphin Tears, in a limited edition of 30. This also includes a poster by this bowley-ball-blader-babe, himself.

Here's a video for the release.

And in other Bryan F. newz: Bryan confirmed that the name, Simulation Fucked—that's been floating around—is, in fact, his new Art/Poster and CD-R label that he plans to use for self-releases, as well as ones of his friends.

Lastly—though, I could go on—here's a little preview of an upcoming Casino Garden's split cassette, due out in a few months (more details to come).



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  2. For me Reflections on Waterfront Property is their best work so far. However, I haven't listened to their Casino Garden album yet, it might be even better.

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