Monday, February 28, 2011

Billy Comfort - Wonder of We (ft. Steffaloo)

They say when you're in love, you get clumsy. If I was in love right now, this song would surely make me walk into things. I'd probably put salt in my coffee and place the ice cream in the cabinet; and I would definitely have a variety of bruises to speak for all the objects I ran into along the way.

This song is for the romantics—for the ones who love with their whole hearts, who are lost in the clouds and who are daydreaming behind those wide open eyes.

This track features the magical vocals of Smoke Don't Smoke's sister, Steffaloo, and is off of the album Feeling, which will be released later this year. This track is currently available for free on Bandcamp.

[MP3] Billy Comfort - Wonder of We (ft. Steffaloo)

Cankun - Striking Bicycles

At over eight minutes long, this track takes a journey down a long dry deserted road but despite its desolate landscape and barren sandstone structures, it still manages to host colorful life and drip with warm washes of psychedelia.

This is off Cankun's upcoming cassette release on Not Not Fun, which is expected out sometime this April. In addition to that, Cankun is planning for a digital single release with the Holy Strays on Beko DSL for June 6th and also have another digital single release on Amdiscs (release date TBD).

This fantastic artwork is by Valerian Marguery.

Cankun on Tumblr

Birdlips - Under Crooked Trees (video)

Here's a video by Billy Hunt for Birdlips' Under Crooked Trees, which is off their recently released album, One Tongue.

Under Crooked Trees from Birdlips on Vimeo.

This was shot in Charlottesville this winter at a demolished IX building site and mixed with projected footage from where they recorded their album in Florida.

This album is currently available on Bandcamp as a name your price.

[MP3] Birdlips - Under Crooked Trees
[MP3] Birdlips - One In Seven

Birdlips at

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Win Win - Interleave (ft. Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor) (video)

Somewhere between thinking that this song was too mooshy and now, I fell in love with it (I hate when that happens...)

Here's the new and very brilliant video for this brilliant track from producer and artist, Ghostdad.

Win Win - Interleave (Alice Is In The Future Video cut) from evidence on Vimeo.

Win Win is the project of producer Alex Epton (XXXchange) and DJ Chris Devlin. Interleave is off their self-titled full-length that was just released on Vice.

[MP3] Win Win - Interleave (feat. Alexis Taylor)

Win Win on MySpace

John Maus - My Whole World's Coming Apart // Time to Die (live video)

Still totally blown away by the whole super secret John Maus show that went down Feb 11th in Brooklyn and, I should also add, I am still totally jealous of anyone who actually got to go to this special event shit show.

Photo by Weird Magic's Erez Avissar.

Here's a video from that night, which was a collaborative effort of Elise O. of Pixelhorse and Aaron Katsnelson of Weird Magic. This starts out with My Whole World's Coming Apart and then transitions into his performance of Time to Die.

John Maus - "My Whole World's Coming Apart/Time to Die" from Elise Oh on Vimeo.

Sum other trax 4 u.

[MP3] John Maus - And the Rain
[MP3] John Maus - Do Your Best

For more photos, videos and the full scoop on this show, visit Pixelhorse and Weird Magic

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shimmering Stars - Walk Away / Dancing to Music I Hate

I don't know about you but I still get goosebumps whenever I throw on my Shim Stars 7". That little 45 has been there for me over the last few months.

Here are two new tracks from these Vancouver bad boys (with good hearts) that certainly don't lack that signature 50's pop rock sound we all know and love. These are off their new LP that will be released on Almost Musique sometime this summer. The release date and the name of the album are still TBD.

For now, don't walk away just listen...

[MP3] Shimmering Stars - Walk Away
[MP3] Shimmering Stars - Dancing to Music I Hate

Shimmering Stars on MySpace

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Featureless Ghost - Scanproof (video)

OMG, I knew everything was going to be OK when I heard Matt Weiner's talking head. It was as if someone just came over and covered me with a blanket, and then continued to rub my head for the rest of the evening (yes Matt, your voice did all of that for me).

And Elise Tippins is just stunning and beautiful. Could easily watch this ten more times tonight.

This is off their recently released album Scanproof b/w Tonight. Now available on Bandcamp as a name your price.

[MP3] Featureless Ghost - Scanproof

More from Elise on Fantastic Lands
More from Matt on Bandcamp (Twins)
More from rangerphone on YouTube

Modern Talking - Slow Motion (ERP Remix)

Ever heard Modern Talking's Slow slow motion?

Well, Off The Mountain's Elijah Rosa Pratts kind of took the song literally and made this.

Can't stop listening to it.

[MP3] Modern Talking - Slow Motion (ERP Remix) | Download

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greatest Hits - Freak Funk Boy

Get your hands on this before the rest of the freaks do.

Pre-order this limited freak funk 4-track 7" over at Sixteen Tambourines (obviously, I already did).  The first 100 on red vinyl; the rest will be on black. Shipping at the end of next month.

Here's one from the B-side.

Greatest Hits - Fun Girls

More Greatest Hits and other Gunk Funk on Gunk

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Don't Surf - La Cuenta de Fernando Ramos EP

Well, these guys obviously don't surf but their music is great inspiration for the rest of us to throw on our seal suits, grab our thrusters, and head for the ocean...that is, unless, you live somewhere inland, and then you might have to settle for the closest wave pool...and sit there...until about...June-ish.

The next time I go surfing, can someone stand there with a boombox and play these songs overhead, while I get overhead?

[MP3] We Don't Surf - Yo No Quiero Luz
[MP3] We Don't Surf - Que Desastre
[MP3] We Don't Surf - Yo No Quiero Tu Depresion

Swell then, it's time to go grab these guysez EP before there's a big close out. So do yourself a favor, get on deck and grab this album over at Bandcamp. Fernando Ramos will thank you.

Honeydrum - The Summer Wants You To Be Dead

Back with another 3-track cassette release, and Honeydrum is quickly making a home over here. I can't seem to ignore these edgy new wave tracks coming out of New Brunswick, New Jersey; and I have a feeling there will be a lot more from them, the way these guys have been crankin' 'em out lately.

This one is a little more mellow compared to the first two releases but, in all honesty, just slightly.

Also, you guys can call me crazy but the beginning of the title track made me think of the Misfits Theme for a Jackal (I know they sound completely different—can't stress that enough—but it triggered that reference for me...)

[MP3] Honeydrum - The Summer Wants You To Be Dead
[MP3] Honeydrum - Mellow Fellow
[MP3] Honeydrum - Best Friends

This album is now out on Amdiscs and can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp or their groovy green and orange striped tape can be purchased by emailing Honeydrum at honeydrumband(at)gmail(dot)com. $6 includes shipping anywhere in the US. $10 for international orders.

Honeydrum on Tumblr

Ghost Animal - Young and In Love (video)

New video by Fabien Le Gourrierec for Portland, Oregon's fuzz rock duo Michael Avishay and Marisa Rowland. Scenes taken from Anna (1967) by Pierre Koralnik.

Ghost Animal - "Young And In Love" from The Tearist on Vimeo.

This track is off Ghost Animal's latest cassette release entitled Youth, a tape 'comprised of previously unreleased singles and B-sides'. Available on Kill/Hurt.

Other Ghost Animal releases can be found on Bandcamp, on here or over at their Tumblr.

Ghost Animal on MySpace

Monday, February 21, 2011

Die Jungen - $

There's something about 'old-time classic' music that makes us (/me) feel both young and old. I guess it has something to do with our ability to reference the time that has passed and it also allows us to relive those memories as if they were happening for the first time (you know, when we were all alive in the 50s and 60s?). In any case, here's a new project by Klaus Von Barrel that goes by the name of Die Jungen, which means 'the young' in German. This is very different from what we have heard from him before (see The KVB, for example) but I am quite taken by it as it has served as a great vehicle for old memories and new thoughts to travel into my mind today.

The first three tracks (not in album order) have that sentimental classic sound to them but I would say the last one, Drowning (After Dark), is a little different in the way that it sounds like Candy Claws (in a sense) found their way onto the set of an old surf movie and decided to make a song about it—I dig.

All and all a great album, and currently available for free on Bandcamp.

[MP3] Die Jungen - When I Awake
[MP3] Die Jungen - In The End
[MP3] Die Jungen - I Surrender
[MP3] Die Jungen - Drowning (After Dark)

This is one of the two videos made for this album so far. To view the other one (and more) check out Klaus' page on Vimeo.

Die Jungen - I Surrender from klaus von barrel on Vimeo.

Orphan (Oliver) - Clapping Song (video)

I love minimalism.

More on

(via the grrrizz)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tree Hopping - 00 0

Ohhh, Gabriel Bagriel, you put sunshine into my heart on a cold day with your lo-fi island-style sample-based bedroom music. My mind quickly jumps to a place of fuzzy monkeys, warm nights, fire pits, canopies and shish kabobs when I hear your sweet tunes flow out of my speakers. I'll never forget the day I first heard your music.

00 0 is the third release from Gainesville, Florida's Gabriel Berrios. This album is currently available as a 3-track download on Bandcamp or a 6-track download on mediafire. Cover Art by the talented Jolie MA.

[MP3] Tree Hopping - Would I Normally
[MP3] Tree Hopping - Monique/Would I Normally
[MP3] Tree Hopping - Those Pictures of You at School
[MP3] Tree Hopping - Hullahoop/Mom 
[MP3] Tree Hopping - Girls Call Themselves Different Names (Extended Version)
[MP3] Tree Hopping - Girls Call Themselves Different Names

Tree Hopping on Facebook

Friday, February 18, 2011

Arches - Wide Awake (video)

Here's a great video, by Grace Denis, featuring our beloved solar system and a track from Arches, off of their self-titled EP as well as their latest album, Wide Awake.

Wide Awake from Grace Denis on Vimeo.

Arches on MySpace and Bandcamp

(via iamnosuperman)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

August's Imaginarium - Sugar

This sugary track by August's Imaginarium is both dulce (spanish for sweet) and dulcet (something that is pleasing to the ears). It has an unobtrusive sweetness that still makes you smile but doesn't cause that achy salivary pain on the side of your cheeks.

I've had this little jingle in my head for a couple of days now; it's quite catchy.

[MP3] August's Imaginarium - Sugar

Augusts Imaginarium on MySpace

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Former Selves - Evening Rituals (video)

We all have our evening rituals. Take mine, for example: it's Tuesday, so I'm going to go enjoy some dollar tacos with my friends and then attempt to tear it up to some 80's love ballads and one-hit wonders onstage, maybe even lose my voice, get some whiplash and spend the next few days in a regrettable amount of pain...but that's OK 'cause that's what I like to do, every Tuesday. So, before you start your own rituals this evening, check out Fresno's Former Selves' Evening Rituals. Maybe you can a learn a thing or two?

Former Selves - Evening Rituals from former selves on Vimeo.

Evening Rituals on MySpace

(video via Hellhole Entrance)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Greatest Hits - I Started a Joke Mixtape

Greatest Hits made a mixtape called I Started a Joke, and it's anything but a joke. It's pretty fuckin' fantastic. It features music from the Bee Gees, Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Hollies, The Doobie Brothers, Bruce Haack and more.

Go grab it on SoundCloud.

For more great hits from the Greatest Hits head over to Gunk TV Records 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Terror Bird - Waiting For Nothing EP

Last night, I was driving home through the notch when the mountains broke and revealed a sky full of violet clouds and a moon that pierced the night with such a vivid force it almost seemed violent. For me, Terror Bird's Waiting For Nothing EP paints the same beautiful but eerie picture in my mind—even on a day when the sky is clear and I am expected to be happy. Nikki Nevver's voice has the kind of intensity that leaves me questioning even my own emotional state; it digs deep, stirs things up and even adds a little bit of fire.

Here are two of the four stunning tracks off of the EP. This will be released March 7 on Verulamium. Limited to 500 copies of brown vynyl. Pre-order it here.

[MP3] Terror Bird - Waiting for Nothing
[MP3] Terror Bird - She Kissed Me (And I Fell Ill)

Also, here's another track that was released last month on Beko DSL, in case you missed it.

[MP3] Terror Bird - Can't Tell What's Real

Terror Bird on MySpace

No Monster Club - Young Guts Champion EP + Slow Learner (video)

I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time waking up this morning; so, instead of playing some mellow Sunday tunes to get me hyped up for brunch, I've started my day off with some monster thrash.

These two tracks are off the Young Guts Champion EP. Released back in January. Grab it here.

[MP3] No Monster Club - Slow Learner
[MP3] No Monster Club - A Morbid Fascination

This is the video for Slow Learner. Directed by Michael Fortune.

No Monster Club - Slow Learner from MUSIC HALL on Vimeo.

No Monster Club on MySpace

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mi Ami - Hard Up (video)

Wow, never expected this from Mi Ami—way more toned down electro vibes coming from these guys, as opposed to their intense (sometimes overbearing but always awesome) lacerated and twisted sounds of previous albums. After their bass player, Jacob Long, left the band, Damon Palermo and Daniel Martin-McCormick started to explore a whole new sound—this being the result.

Video directed by Amanda Brown and Ben Shearn.

Mi Ami - Hard Up from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

This is off their Dolphins LP (Miami Dolphins). Out March 15 on Thrill Jockey.

[MP3] Mi Ami - Hard Up | Download

Friday, February 11, 2011

Young Prisms - Sugar (video)

Here's a new video for Young Prisms. Directed by Fred Velez and Jared Silbert. This track is from their album, Friends for Now, which was released back in January on Kanine Records

Young Prisms "Sugar" from kay kanine on Vimeo.

Here are a few more off the album.

[MP3] Young Prisms - If You Want To
[MP3] Young Prisms - If Don't Get Much
[MP3] Young Prisms - Eleni
[MP3] Young Prisms - Sugar

Raw Thrills - Both Ways (video)

As we sit here waiting for our Raw Thrills mint green wax to arrive, Natalie Rodgers has made a fantastic video for Both Ways. This is the first time I've heard this track but I can tell you, it's quickly becoming one of my favorites and is going to be seeing a lot of the needle when that LP shows up. Until then, I'll be watching this a lot.

Natalie's work is so inspiring; it always makes me want to explore this medium myself.

RAW THRILLS-BOTH WAYS from Natalie Rodgers on Vimeo.

Here are a few others off of Zak Mering's dubut LP, Shakedown. And if you missed it, check out the Last Thought Before Sleep video.

[MP3] Raw Thrills - Sonia
[MP3] Raw Thrills - Coconuts
[MP3] Raw Thrills - Making Love on a Piano

If you haven't purchased this yet, you can still grab it over at Sixteen Tambourines.

For more Raw Thrills head over to Gunk TV Records

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hard Mix + Star Slinger Split 7" + Hard Mix 'Eye Contact' Video

Apparently, South Carolina's Noah Smith (aka Hard Mix) is a designer by day and musician by night, and in between, makes some sweet videos, too. Here's one that he made for his side of the just released double-sided 7" on Double Denim.

Hard Mix - Eye Contact from Double Denim Records on Vimeo.

On the flip side, Darren Williams (aka Star Slinger) gives us a remedy that no doctor could prescribe. Overall, this is a great record that's limited to 300 copies, with the first 100 on blue vinyl already sold out. So if you want one, head over there and grab one before they're gone.

I seriously cannot stop listening to these.

Star Slinger - Remedy

Hard Mix - Eye Contact

Hard Mix on MySpace
Star Slinger at

Video Tribute (Zahid Jiwa + C V L T S + James Ferraro + Ducktails)

Yesterday, I went a little Zahid Jiwa crazy (it's kind of hard not to) so, in his honor and C V L T S, James Ferraro and Ducktails, I figured I'd share some of their accomplishments with you.

This first video is a new one for C V L T S Angel Chromosome. This will be out February 22 on Collective Records. You can also grab this split 7" (teamed up with Umberto—also very good) over at

Now would be a good time to grab your bathing suit and place those laser-friendly night goggles safely on your face.

C V L T S - "ANGEL CHROMOSOME" from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

Double your delight with this double feature, with music from none-other than Zahid Jiwa, himself.

Have your wallet handy, Zahid is about to make all of your dreams come true.

⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ ⎋ from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

Steel my heart why don't you? This video was made a while back for James Ferraro's Steel Escape off of his 2009 self-released album Edward Flex Presents: Do You Believe In Hawaii? Honestly, I don't even know what to do with myself, now that I've seen these two superheroes combined like this.

STEEL ESCAPE from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

Coming up, we have an excerpt of Ducktails' 2009 track Deck Observatory off the Landscapes LP. Released on Olde English Spelling Bee. This is quite the winner.


Keep the channel locked, I've got one more for you. This brilliant video also combines Zahid Jiwa's creative vision with his creative wavelengths∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿, and according to him, you will be able to download and purchase them one day.

∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿∿ from Zahid Jiwa on Vimeo.

For other Zahid Jiwa visionary trips, visit him on vimeo.

Thx for tuning in. Until next time...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hideous Men - Sirens (video)

This video is just plain hideous. I mean it, all of it: the filming, the lighting, the editing, the band; it all reeks of hideousness. Did I mention, I love this?

This is of Denver duo Ryan McRyhew and Kristi Schaefer performing a new one called Sirens on Feb. 4th at the Meadowlark. Shot and edited by Dane Bernhardt (see Crazy Horse Studios).

Hideous Men - Speaker Snacks Film Series - Episode #13 from Crazy Horse Studios on Vimeo.

Everything hideous at

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ela Orleans - Light at Dawn (video)

Just like the Light at Dawn, Ela Orlean's beautiful voice can break through dense layers of darkness but still has the ability to cast soft shadows upon its surrounding landscapes.

This track was co-released the other day on Beko DSL + Clan Destine Records as part of a 22-track compilation, which you can download for free; and I should also mention that Ela Orleans is no stranger to Beko DSL, so if you missed Black and White Flight (her other most recent release) you can grab that over there, as well.

[MP3] Ela Orleans - Light At Dawn

This is the lovely video for Light at Dawn, which I have watched several times over the last couple of days; it's so captivating.

Visit Ela on Wordpress

George Quartz - Last Summer (live video)

I feel a little different today knowing that this exists in the world, and is performed on an imaginary TV show in Texas. This video beams with tons of tiny magical moments, that are humbly dispersed amongst cycles of spiraling stardust and a special twinkle of the eye.

So get ready and hold on to something tight because this 'episode' of After Hours with George Quartz performing Last Summer (LIVE!) is about to sweep you off your feet.

After Hours with George Quartz - Last Summer (Live) from George Quartz on Vimeo.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Porcelain Raft - Ghosts of the Perfect Language

Porcelain Raft just released a cassette called Ghosts of the Perfect Language on Sixteen Tambourines. This album contains a bunch of amazing tracks that have been floating around for a while now but  there's something so new and nice about hearing these smooth melodies and his calming voice flow out of a cassette player. If you pre-ordered this like I did, you should be getting it any day now; but if not, this limited cassette can still be purchased over on Sixteen Tambourines.

Here are a few off this 6-track album.

[MP3] Porcelain Raft - Come Closer
[MP3] Porcelain Raft - Stained Glass
[MP3] Porcelain Raft - Gone Blind

This is a beautiful video from last August for Dragonfly—a fantastic song (part of my 2010 Top 150)

Porcelain Raft 'Dragonfly' from Porcelain Raft on Vimeo.

Porcelain Raft on MySpace or

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Horrid Red - Pink Flowers EP + Video

Just like the black and white stripes that cover the wall in the picture below, this album jumps from one color to the next, with its mixture of meditative instrumental tracks combined with more textured post-punk darkwave melodies; those, in particular, are what grabbed me most out of this album—mainly because of the strong character that Bunker Wolf brings to them. I'd like to think that his voice is represented as the pictures seen on the wall below—they're embodied and framed by these stripes of variation but they also add that bold red accent that crosses the line.

Horrid Red just released their Pink Flowers EP on Soft Abuse and it is currently available as a 3-track 7" or a 7-track cassette; both with digital download. You can also grab this album on Bandcamp and listen to it in its entirety.

Note: give Foehn Winds a little time to pick up

[MP3] Horrid Red - Pink Flowers
[MP3] Horrid Red - Transparent Gardens
[MP3] Horrid Red - Foehn Winds

Here is the video for their title track. I would say that this blushes with pink accents as well as Horrid Red.

Edmund Xavier is responsible for projects of all kinds;
you can find them here on Bandcamp

Horrid Red on MySpace

Friday, February 4, 2011

Big Troubles - Georgia (video)

Can we go back to July/August 2010 for just a few minutes? Remember those warm months and that feeling of when you saw this for the first time? And then you saw THIS?! And then you waited patiently (kind of) for THIS so you went HERE? Well, now you can relive all those butterflies, adventures, emotions and memories by clicking all of those links again and also getting after this new video HERE.

Big Troubles - Georgia from alexander iezzi on Vimeo.

Click this if you'd rather be in Georgia than that effin' cold place you live now.

(thanks superman)

LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - So Unreal LP + Video

LA Vampires and Matrix Metals so collaborated on an LP called So Unreal that was so released last November on so Not Not Fun Records. This album so consists of six so glammy rock 'n' so glammy pop tracks (five of them being so over six-minutes-long)—so really, in total, so much more than enough to so get you in the mood to so dig out your so shoulder-paddy-bargain-bin t-shirt, throw on some so pumped-up pumps, find some of your so-called friends and so get totally unreally outrageous. 

[MP3] LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - Make Me Over
[MP3] LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - How Would U Know
[MP3] LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - Don't Dance Alone
[MP3] LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - Berlin Baby
[MP3] LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - Still Going Down
[MP3] LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals - So Unreal

And now the real unreal reason for this so-post post: this so-very-new, so-very-radical video highlighting the So Unreal talents of Jon Clark and Spencer Longo for—yup, you guessed it—So Unreal.

"So Unreal" - LA Vampires featuring Matrix Metals from Jon Clark on Vimeo.

So now what? Go buy it on Not Not Fun or Amazon...or somethin'

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honeydrum - Saturdays

Honeydrum just released their second cassette called Saturdays, which was just picked up by Amdiscs. This 3-song release includes one track for your morning, one for your afternoon and one for your evening (or, you can just do what I'm doing and play them all at once over and over again).

For f*%k's sake, I love his voice – it reminds me of Ian Curtis.

[MP3] Honeydrum - Saturday Morning
[MP3] Honeydrum - Saturday Afternoon
[MP3] Honeydrum - Saturday Night

Download this album for free on Bandcamp or on Amdiscs, OR help support Honeydrum by purchasing this 3-song cassette on Tumblr. Like before, they only have 24 copies. $5 includes shipping anywhere in the US.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Raw Thrills - You Can't Do That (Beatles cover)

When I saw this new Raw Thrills Beatles cover in my inbox, I got a little excited and decided to design a knockoff version of A Hard Day's Night. So, in this post you get a cover of a cover and cover. How about that?

I think I'm going to do a Sinead O'Connor cover called Nothing Compares to Zak Mering's Covers. Watch for it on wax. Release date TBD.

[MP3] Raw Thrills - You Can't Do That (Beatles cover)

For more Raw Thrills, everything Zak Mering and more head over to Gunk TV Records

Generationals - Carrying the Torch (video)

This is a new video by Andrew Stubbs for Generationals' Carrying the Torch. This track is off their Trust EP, which was released back in November on Park The Van. These guys are set to release their sophomore album Actor-Caster March 29 on said label; and we can expect it to be both sun-drenched and shady, as Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer were highly influenced by DC's "unforgiving" hot summer months, as well as the more contrasting alternative of seeking refuge in a more light-locked basement.

[MP3] Generationals - Carrying The Torch | Download

Generationals on MySpace

(video via We Follow Us)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Vital Caress - Governor of the Mental State

As a reminder, Vital Caress' Cincinnatus’ Dream dropped today on The Pop Manifesto but with it also came a new glam track called Governor of the Mental State, which you can hear below. And for those of you who aren't familiar with Zak's and Reuben's style yet, the beginning might cause some question marks to appear in that head of yours but it's that same wackiness that sucks me in and keeps me coming back for more.

I think I wasted about a minute and half choosing between the two Vital Caress covers but I finally decided on this one. I hope you like my selection.

[MP3] Vital Caress - Governor of the Mental State | Download

If you missed Cincinnatus’ Dream, it is vital that you click this link.

Peaking Lights - All the Sun that Shines (video)

Madison Wisconsin's Peaking Lights have a new full-length called 936 coming out tomorrow on vynyl, CD and cassette on the label Not Not Fun. This is the new official video for All the Sun that Shines. Directed by Ben Shearn and LA Vampires' Amanda Brown.

This video's image doesn't really give you a great preview of the good vibes you'll be feeling in a few seconds; so I just recommend that you hit play.

Peaking Lights - All The Sun That Shines from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Peaking Lights on MySpace

Fergus & Geronimo - Where the Walls are Made of Grass (video)

Here's a video from the always groovy Alice Cohen for Fergus & Geronimo's Where the Walls are Made of Grass. This track is off their debut album Unlearn. Just released on Hardly Art.

Fergus and Geronimo - "Where the Walls are made of Grass" from alice cohen on Vimeo.

Fergus & Geronimo on MySpace