Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pandit - Lighthouse (video)

It's time to turn your metal detectors off, there's treasure in this sand. This is a must watch fan made video by Kathryn Litchfield for Pandit's Lighthouse.

Images appear and fade like visions and memories, and roll like the many tides of our drifting seas—so peaceful and lovely.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fiveng - Easy

I was saving this for a compilation I wanted to put together last night, but as the day proved, there just wasn't enough time to do everything. Anyway, this song is too good to hold off 'til I can get that ready. Beachtapes released this Monday night and I can't stop listening to it. This is Nicholas Ng's second single, following the success of his debut double A-sided single last month. It's perfect for this morning, as I was greeted with the first rays of sunshine peeking over the mountain tops. The beats in this song radiate and remind me of that; I quickly popped out of bed and threw this on. If you missed the sunrise today, I hope this makes up for it.

[MP3] Fiveng Easy | Download

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Head and the Heart - Rivers and Roads (video)

This is a video from the Bar Bar Apartment Sessions—a new recording house that my friend Ben Fee (a very talented Director/Filmer) is closely involved with. You should definitely watch this and check out more of the Bar Bar Apartment Sessions. They record in the Mississippi district of Portland, Oregon and capture many of the national/international touring acts that roll through the studio.

The Head and the Heart - Rivers And Roads from bar bar apartment sessions on Vimeo.

Visit The Head and the Heart on MySpace

Visit Ben Fee at or at

Chief Black Cloud - Aloha Fordlita

David sent this over today—attached with news of cold weather in Paris. This track makes me think of anything but that; it's balmy; it's breezy; it's bold; it's boyant AND it's due out soon. This is off his Monoï album, that will be released in November. It sort of has a Fool's Gold kind of feel to it; and if this is any indication of what the rest of the album is going to sound like, I think we can expect some awesome upbeat music to help keep us warm this November.

Thanks Chief.

[MP3] Chief Black Cloud Aloha Fordlita

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Warpaint - Ashes to Ashes (video)

For those of you who didn't make it over to my NEW Facebook page today, here's a video for Warpaint's tribute to Bowie. There's some footage in here from last week that captured Jupiter at its closest approach since '63 (I think I have mentioned Jupiter three times in the last week...getting old, ey?) ...but hey, it's not my fault that this video comes with that little bit of trivia.

Anyhow, enjoy the the footage, enjoy the song, enjoy the time lapse and enjoy the.....'J' word

Warpaint - Ashes to Ashes Music Video from Freddie Paull on Vimeo.

Warpaint's debut album The Fool will be released Oct. 25

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Some more trivia: I'll continue to post things on the Facebook page that may not make it over here, so 'Like' the page if you want :) ...OK, that's it for cross-marketing

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Casper - Meet Me Here at Nine (You Probably Think We're Lost)

Other than this track and pic, I can't find any other info on these guys/this guy/this girl/these girls/this guy and girl/these girls and guys. Kind of ironic 'cause their name is Casper! Try googling that sh*t...good luck!

Maybe their record label thinks it's funny that we can't find their ghost artist anywhere and it's all part of their marketing agenda? Or maybe everyone knows about this band and I'm the only one with bad luck? Oh man, you guys are laughing at me, aren't you?

[MP3] Casper Meet Me Here at Nine (You Probably Think We're Lost)

Visit Casper on MySpace ...ha, joking - you can't find 'em on there either! ...or...I can't?

PS: I found this a while back and I think it might be from '09.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Nothing But Our Love (video)

My friend Brad sent me this video today. He is nice. He likes music. Thank. You. Brad.

Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott (from Detroit) and are nice too. This is off of their debut Horse Power EP, which was released back in July. Their full length is expected to be released in 2011.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Museum Of Bellas Artes - Watch The Glow (video)

I have felt like a stalker lately, as I've checked Jamie Harley's Vimeo page randomly for this new video of Watch The Glow. Now that it's out, I can relax...aaaahhh.

Museum Of Bellas Artes - " Watch The Glow" from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

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Closed Cassette and Top Girls - For Now

Scott Dickson had me on my toes waiting for this track, and like I told him, this track is GOOD and was well worth the wait! For Now is the beautiful collaborative efforts of Closed Cassette and Top Girls. This appears on a cassette mix called Collaborations just released by Dead As Digital, The Road Goes Ever On and Stadiums and Shrines. These guys have worked hard to come together to make a mix that supports great music and the idea of sharing amongst each other. It is packed full of goodies, I'm gonna grab it and I highly recommend that you do, too.

[MP3] Closed Cassette and Top Girls For Now

Artwork by Nathaniel Whitcomb of

Support these guys and all of the other talented artists involved with this project by purchasing it here

Collaborations track listing:

Side A
1. Top Girls and Guerre “Melt”
2. Teen Daze and Jaded Hipster Choir “Low Glow”
3. Weed and Foxes In Fiction “Teenage Dream” (Katy Perry Cover)
4. Closed Cassette and Top Girls “For Now”
5. Ghost Animal and Rachel Levy - “We Don’t Care”*
6. Ghost Houses – “Ritual”

Side B
7. Holy Spirits and Gem Club - “Fingertips”
8. Seeing Suge (Star Slinger, Emay, Blackbird Blackbird) - “Breaking (DEMO)”
9. Pepepiano and Warm Waves - “Air”
10. Gay Boiz (Kumon Plaza and Rachel Levy) - “High Level Alchemy”
11. Star Slinger and Pandit - “Self Love”

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Capris - There's A Moon Out Tonight

Just spent 14 hours at work, it's beautiful out and my God, there's a moon out tonight! ...a super harvest moon, in fact! I'm gonna go take a lovely stroll through the park and enjoy that beloved bright object in the sky. Happy autumnal equinox to you.

PS: Keep an eye out for that midnight conjunction of Jupiter and guess what...?

Sutja Gutiérrez - Leef I Yaw Eht

Sutja (of The Fruhstucks) sent over this track tonight, and I found myself going back to it throughout the evening—I wanted to hear it more and get to know it more. There's emotion in this song that I missed the first time around. After I found myself getting drawn to it over and over, I finally clicked the repeat button and committed to its somber and sensitive pop tones—giving it full rights to transfer me out of an energetic state and into a mellow one. I think this song is beautiful and the more I listen to it, the more it tugs at my soul.

[MP3] Sutja Gutiérrez Leef I Yaw Eht | Download

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Piresian Beach

Care for some bluesy Hungarian lo-fi with a garage rock twist?

[MP3] Piresian Beach Lost | Download
[MP3] Piresian Beach Wasting Away | Download

Visit Piresian Beach on Bandcamp

Monday, September 20, 2010

J. Irvín Dally

Good track. I dig it. I'm gonna walk outside and check out Jupiter now. I hope you listen to this and then do the same. Buenas noches mis amigos.

<a href="">salt water by j. irvín dally</a>

Visit J. Irvín Dally on MySpace

Check out the entire EP on Bandcamp

Blackbird Blackbird – Pure (official video)

More Blackbird Blackbird - whaddya know? ...but this time, it's really special, as it is being delivered in video form. This is the official video for Pure. Directed by Samuel Pressman and shot & edited by Isaac Bauman.

I must say, the flash imagery has a nice way of stimulating cognitive connections—something I needed a dose of this afternoon. Ahhh, Mondays...

Blackbird Blackbird – Pure (official music video) from Isaac Bauman on Vimeo.

More Blackbird Blackbird

Blackbird Blackbird - Float On (Modest Mouse Cover) and Fade to White (Feat. Emily Reo)

Here are two of Mickey's latest and greatest tracks. The first one is his cover of Modest Mouse's Float On. And to be quite honest, I was a little hesitant to play this one because I'm not quite sure I have fully recovered from hearing that song eat up airwaves in '04 and '05 ...but Mickey worked his magic and was able to produce this beautiful song that sounds nothing like the original (as great as it was/is). The second is his release from last week called Fade To White, which features the lovely vocals of Emily Reo—a true gem.

[MP3] Blackbird Blackbird Float On (Modest Mouse Cover) | Download

[MP3] Blackbird Blackbird Fade to White (Feat. Emily Reo) | Download

More Blackbird Blackbird

Sunday, September 19, 2010

MémoireD'amour and Closed Cassette - Nanonmarina

And the mystery artist iiiiiiisssss....dun dun dun....MémoireD'amour! Remember when I mentioned that Closed Cassette was going to do a collab? Well this is it. This gorgeous, six-minute-long, synth-kissed, ambient track is it. Enjoy!

But guess what? doesn't stop here! Closed Cassette is in the middle of another very, VERY exciting collaboration, which is expected to be released in the next few days. Stay tuned as the plot thickens!

[MP3] MémoireD'amour and Closed Cassette Nanonmarina

Visit MémoireD'amour on MySpace

Visit Closed Cassette on MySpace

(Thanks to Boy Attractions)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Little Joy (videos)

These guys always bring loads of little joy into my days; and this morning, they are perfect company for scrambling up some eggs and cuddling up under a blanket with some tea. It's always nice to revisit something so warm and familiar. I hope they bring a little joy into your day, as well.

This is Unattainable. Binki is beautiful.

Next Time Around (unplugged)

Don't Watch me Dancing (unplugged)

Shoulder to Shoulder (unplugged)

No One's Better Sake (unplugged)

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Friday, September 17, 2010


Totally digging some Tonstartssbandht tonight.

I love what they did with Big Country's In A Big Country in their track Black Country...(how many times can you say country in a sentence?) These four tracks vary from indie pop to noisy experimental psychedelica, and vary so much, it sounds as if they are produced from different bands. Enjoy.

[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Midnite Cobras
[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Preston "Great-Ass" I'm Fat
[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Black Country
[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Electric Dragon Sword

Edwin shared a live video of Electric Dragon Sword with me from when they were known as Nasa. "It's the 4 man version, with the homemade synth amp overpowering bass and guitar." Check it out: Nasa - Electric Dragon Sword

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Airport Angst

Here's a tropischen elektro track from Germany's Airport Angst. Do you think of palm trees, palm leaves and a warm breeze when you think of Bavaria? I know I do.

This is Matthias' track entitled Hamburger Hill. And just so you know, I looked up hamburger in German and it translates to hamburger in there's your lesson for the evening! Now listen.

[MP3] Airport Angst Hamburger Hill

9/17 Update: Matthias sent another one over to me this morning. This is his remix of Panda People's Flashback. So good.

[MP3] Panda People Flashback (Airport Angst Remix)

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Ice Cream Shout - Tattooed Tears

This retro pop from Japan is as sweet as ice cream and as warm and smooth as hot fudge.

I'm pretty excited about this dessert flavored track. I'll take seconds and thirds please!

[MP3] Ice Cream Shout Tattooed Tears | Download

Video: Ice Cream Shout - Tattooed Tears

Visit Ice Cream Shout on MySpace

(Thanks to Beachtapes)

Caged Animals

All my friends, here are the latest tropical tracks from Brooklyn's Caged Animals (Vincent Cacchione and Andree Michelle).

Caged Animals also released a completely homemade album back in July, which you can listen to on Bandcamp and buy as a 'name your price'

[MP3] Caged Animals All My Friends | Download
[MP3] Caged Animals The Rainfall | Download

Visit Caged Animals on MySpace or at

Fiveng - Give Me A Taste / Jonah

OK, one more before I go to bed. This is Fiveng...I'm not exactly sure what that means but it's Fiveng good! I hope I wake up humming to it in the morning. I love when that happens.

Give Me A Taste / Jonah
is the debut double A-side single from San Francisco's Nicholas Ng. Now out on the new Beachtapes label and currently available for free download.

[MP3] Fiveng Give Me A Taste | Download
[MP3] Fiveng Jonah | Download

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow (video)

OK, so I said I wasn't going to listen to anything else the rest of the evening but this video of Castles In The Snow just keeps getting better and better. This was released yesterday. You should watch it. Jaimie Harley did a great job.

Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow Directed by Jamie Harley from Twin Shadow on Vimeo.

More Twin Shadow

Closed Cassette

I've been listening to Closed Cassette a lot lately, and I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm only going to have these three tracks on repeat for the rest of the evening. Scott Dickson relaxes my soul.

Scott has collaborated with an amazing artist for his next track release, which is due out in the next few days...who could it be? Stay tuned!

[MP3] Closed Cassette Time Trials
[MP3] Closed Cassette Helpers
[MP3] Closed Cassette Safe To Say Anything

Visit Closed Cassette on MySpace

Ghost Animal - Summertime in Heaven

Oh heck yes! I've been waiting for this! Ghost Animal finally released their debut album Summertime in Heaven. This long-awaited album is full of raw feeling and melodies that you'll want to keep on repeat for days, weeks, or hell, even eternity. Listen to their mastered version of Single Man below, download the album for free or grab their first-ever tangible release at

[MP3] Ghost Animal Single Man

School Knights - Rush SK EP

Wake up! It's not a School Knight! ...or is it? Here are four garage pop rock tracks by Weed Diamond's Mike and Zack. These are off their Rush SK EP, which is expected to be released soon.

[MP3] School Knights Recess
[MP3] School Knights Cliques
[MP3] School Knights Prom Queen
[MP3] School Knights Bullies

UPDATE: now out on Bridgetown Records

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cherry Chapstick - The Line (video)

Lick this off your lips.

Cherry Chapstick - The Line from Julia Patey on Vimeo.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Tamaryn - Love Fade (video)

Tamaryn released their video of Love Fade tonight. This atmospheric track appears on their debut full-length album The Waves. Now out on Mexican Summer.

View an older post on Tamaryn


I feel like I am being hypnotized when I listen to Boylant's bodacious beats. My mind submits to its alpha state quickly, and from there, travels down an aimless path leading to who knows what and to who knows where. I'm not sure where I'll end up but I'm enjoying the journey.

Here are two tracks, including his latest Breaking Ties.

[MP3] Boylant Don't Wait
[MP3] Boylant Breaking Ties

Visit Boylant on MySpace

Friends - Make It Better

Here's another one from Friends; and yes, this song does make it better—all of it, in fact: my lunch, my mood, my hair, even.

[MP3] Friends Make It Better | Download

More Friends

Visit Friends on MySpace

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plastic Flowers

Plastic flowers never die, and I can't imagine this dreamy spatial pop will either. It's very inter-galactic and beautifully inter-plastic. I dig it (just like the dirt I'll put my plastic flowers in).

[MP3] Plastic Flowers She Learned The Best Way | Download

Sean Earl Beard mentioned that he is "coming on the home stretch for releasing some new songs" but until he does, listen on MySpace. His track 'Drive Me Home' is worth the visit alone!

You can also find Plastic Flowers at

Friday, September 10, 2010

Glass Animals

Just knowing that these guys produce their music in a shed tucked away in the woods of Oxfordshire, makes it easier to understand where their mysterious psychedelic sound comes from. These tracks shimmer with soft vocals and breaks mixed with slight pitch changes, often reminding me of the overall sound of The Antlers, as well as the individual style of their vocalist, Peter Silberman. These guys can undoubtedly be classified under the same genre as The Antlers, yet their sonic signatures remain to be unique.

Here are three of their tracks—two of them siding with a more upbeat tempo than their others.

[MP3] Glass Animals Life Lomographic
[MP3] These New Puritans Hologram (Glass Animals Remix)
[MP3] Glass Animals Leaflings

Visit Glass Animals on MySpace

Mickey Mickey Rourke

Here's one of Mickey Mickey Rourke's latest abstract, experimental pop tracks off of Inner Gazing. Inner Gazing includes the work of Craft Spells, Foxes in Fiction, Lester Brown, Universe and others.

This track starts to pick up around :39

[MP3] Mickey Mickey Rourke Gloomy Guts ft Craft Spells | Download

Inner Gazing is currently available for free download on Bandcamp

Visit Mickey Mickey Rourke on MySpace

Thursday, September 9, 2010


[MP3] Friends We'll Never Stay Together | Download
[MP3] Friends Since I Made A Mistake | Download
[MP3] Friends Saturday | Download

Video: Since I Made A Mistake

Friends on MySpace

Golden Eye - Golden Eyes Forever EP

Is it cold and gloomy where you are? It is here. On days like this, I can really feel summer slipping away. It's cold; it's wet, and the leaves are hardly changing colors before they fall to the ground. I look forward to Autumn every year but I'm getting the impression that it might be a sad one for oh ten. For now, I'm trying to hold onto that summer feeling as long as I can, and this Golden Eye EP is helping me hold onto it tight, as it is brings the surf, sunshine and warmth back into my day.

<a href="">Tides by GOLDEN EYE</a>

Visit Golden Eye on MySpace

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Team Team Spirit

Brent Schoepf's music is so lovely; it makes me think of sharing an umbrella, dancing in puddles, drinking coffee, smiling lots, sinking into a comfy chair and gazing lovingly at the person across from me—a beautiful rainy day in the city, full of playfulness, love, optimism and spirit on what could be a gray afternoon.

Listen to this beautiful music on MySpace

(It's interesting how music that expresses sadness or longing can still have a positive effect on a listener, given the way it sounds or given the listener's state-of-mind).

On a side note: remember Sea Oleena from a post in early August? I'm not quite sure, but I'm thinking they might have collaborated on a couple of these tracks. The female vocals sound all too similar; I'm looking into it...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer Camp - 'Ghost Train (viral)' and 'Round the Moon' (videos)

For those of you who haven't heard of Summer Camp yet, here are some videos. Their Young EP was just released digitally and will be available in record stores in November. Go get it!

Summer Camp - Ghost Train (viral) from Paddy Power on Vimeo.

SUMMER CAMP - Round the Moon from Paddy Power on Vimeo.

Visit Summer Camp on MySpace

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird - Starlight (Feat. Steffaloo)

New track from Blacbird Blackbird. He's on fire right now! I can barely keep up! And the dreamy vocals of Steffaloo (Smoke Don't Smoke's sister) add so much to this song; it's like bright magical stardust is floating all around you (just like the pic below). I love it.

[MP3] Blackbird Blackbird Starlight (Feat. Steffaloo) | Download

Summer Heart LP

Visit Blackbird Blackbird at

Party Girl - Heartbreaker

I'm running around my apartment looking for something I can't find and it's breaking my heart. Listen to this. It's super chill; and it's the only thing keeping me from losing my mind right now.

<a href="">morning kisses by trembleface/sanddagger</a>

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blackbird Blackbird - Modern Disbelief EP

Why is it that I always find the best stuff when I'm on my way out the door? Listen to these two new tracks by Blackbird Blackbird; they're SO GOOD.

[MP3] Blackbird Blackbird Modern Disbelief | Download
[MP3] Blackbird Blackbird Crumble Before Your Eyes | Download

Summer Heart LP

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Craig Cruiser - 'Cruising the Night Away EP' and 'Adventures in Slumberland EP'

Long weekend! Long weekend! Get out those beach cruisers; plug this audio into your ears and start cruising the days and nights away.

For Your Night Cruising:

Side A - Cruising the Night Away
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Stretch (Intro) | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Tubing | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Girl | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Climbing Sand Dunes | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Slow Dance Romance | Download
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Whippy Dip | Download

For Your Craig Cruising?

Side B - Adventures in Slumberland
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Jungle Jam
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Black Out
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Sunday Best
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Televisions
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Dream Waves
[MP3] Craig Cruiser Haunting Memories

Side A is currently available on Bandcamp as a 'Name Your Price'

Visit Craig Cruiser on MySpace or at

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fruhstucks - 'Hats and Cats' and 'Rithm to Love' (videos)

This is Hats and Cats (an older one of theirs/their first single). Directed by Adrian Lendinez.

This video is great; it's so creative. Enjoy...but don't kill any CAT$, OK?

The Fruhstucks - Hats and Cats from The Fruhstucks on Vimeo.

Watch this one if you feel like smiling! I looped it a few times and I couldn't stop laughing. In addition to some fun entertainment, there's also some really chill beats that will totally relax you (and the contrast is great between the two). This video definitely has more than enough Rithm to Love. Get after it.

The Fruhstucks Eyes - Rithm to love from The Fruhstucks on Vimeo.

More Fruhstucks love

Gauntlet Hair (videos)

Hair are two videos to get you in the Gauntlet Hair kind of mood. ...What exactly is Gauntlet Hair? ...Thoughts on this? Anyone?

This is their track I was thinking... And I was thinking that I love this song and I love this video by Caitlin McNichols. Have a listen and a look.

GAUNTLET HAIR // I was thinking... from caitlin mcnichols on Vimeo.

Oh, hey now, another one by the lovely Stephanie Cafarella... (that's three this week) This is All Eyes and you should have all eyes (and ears) on this.

Gauntlet Hair - All Eyes from Stephanie Cafarella on Vimeo.

Visit Gauntlet Hair, on MySpace

Cloud Nothings - Whaddya Wanna Know (video)

Cloud Nothings' indie pop combined with Stephanie Cafarella's artistic eye makes me one happy girl...whaddya expect?

Cloud Nothings - Whaddya Wanna Know from Stephanie Cafarella on Vimeo.

Visit Cloud Nothings on MySpace

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lesley Gore - Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows (video)

Oh my, I just found this on Hooray!'s blog and needed to share it. OK, one more time now...HOORAY! ...for sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!

Hooray! - Bedroom Adventures

HOORAY! Here's some glo-rious glo-fi for the end of your day. These bedroom pop tracks should ease you into your bedroom adventures. Hooray! Hooray! HOORAY!


<a href="">Welcome! by Hooray!</a>

Visit Hooray! on MySpace or on

A Classic Education - Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover) (video)

Get yourself A Classic Education with these beautiful Bologna beats from Jonathan, Luca, Paul, Giulia, Stefano and Federico. ...Olé!

A Classic Education - Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover) from A Classic Education on Vimeo.

Get more educated on MySpace or on

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Craft Spells - You Should Close The Door (video)

Has anyone ever asked you "if you grew up in a barn?" ...oh, they have? Well, maybe You Should Close The Door!

No, really... maybe you should close the door, turn off the lights and enjoy this video of Craft Spells by Stephanie Cafarella.

Craft Spells - You Should Close The Door from Stephanie Cafarella on Vimeo.

Craft Spells' Party Talk 7" will be released this month on Captured Tracks. Listen to their oh-so-good title track on MySpace

Visit Craft Spells on

Kiss Kiss Fantastic - Violet

One lives in California, and the other in Florida: they (Jeremy and Rachel) have never met before but they make music together... or should I say, apart? Here's Violet off of their The Red/Blue Shift EP. Currently available for free download.

[MP3] Kiss Kiss Fantastic Violet | Download

Visit Kiss Kiss Fantastic on MySpace