Thursday, August 7, 2014

Katie Rush - Law of Attraction EP [Premiere]

Art by teresmari

Pulsating at the beat of danger, Katie Rush’s "Law of Attraction" EP throbs with sexy, synthy seduction, smeared n smudged lipstick and lacy n lusty lingerie. This 4-track EP (+ bonus!) slowly undresses itself sweetly with the title track, "Law of Attraction", before it scorches you hot with sizzley, summer "City" heat, then corners and cuffs you hard against the wall with "Dangerous Luv". Exploding at the end, the album blows up when someone quickly drops that "L BOMB"—ending abruptly and making you ache n yearn for more (why is love so painful?)

Inspired by the book, "The Secret", friends and producers, Sam Mehran, of Outer Limits Recordings, and Zak Mering, of Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits, Groove Zone CrewGunk TV Records, etc. and singer/songwriter Katie Wagner were sitting around one night watching the movie, when they decided to create this album. And while it may have all launched on the laws of the universe, and a meditative, new-age way of thinking, it ended up blasting into a new musical sphere and soaring into a much more spellbound, synthy n seductive, star trip of parallel encounters.

ALSO FEATURED on this LOA EP is Samantha Urbani, of the band Friends, (who also sings with, and is the girlfriend of, Blood Orange/Devonté Hynes), where she undoubtedly unleashes her provocative and alluring vocals in the track "Dangerous Luv".

Below are the 4 main tracks of the EP but you will have to go to Gunk TV to listen to the bonus unmastered version of LOA.

 Buy it on Gunk TV's Bandcamp now (or on iTunesAmazon, etc. soon).