Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Mix

Happy Friday, everyone! Here's a mix of a few random songs I've been listening to a bunch this week (both new and relatively new)—consisting of various genres (the last one being the most different; it falls into the category of 'world' or 'lounge' music).

(Photo via Blackbird Blackbird for LASTHOPESGONE)

[MP3] Therapies Son - Touching Down | Over The Sea EP due out in March on Transparent
[MP3] Blackbird Blackbird - LASTHOPESGONE | Download
[MP3] Airbird - Part Of The Game | Transparent to release a mixed + mastered version
[MP3] The Typical Girls - Our Real is Real | Download
[MP3] Jeans Wilder - Sparkler | Download
[MP3] The Polaroid Bear - Odin, Fill Your Face In | Download

Here's a gorgeous video by Stephanie Wuertz for Jeans Wilder's In My Dreams. This track (along with Sparkler) is off the Nice Trash LP, which was released last month on La Station Radar

Jeans Wilder "In My Dreams" from Stephanie Wuertz on Vimeo.

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