Thursday, August 7, 2014

Katie Rush - Law of Attraction EP [Premiere]

Art by teresmari

Pulsating at the beat of danger, Katie Rush’s "Law of Attraction" EP throbs with sexy, synthy seduction, smeared n smudged lipstick and lacy n lusty lingerie. This 4-track EP (+ bonus!) slowly undresses itself sweetly with the title track, "Law of Attraction", before it scorches you hot with sizzley, summer "City" heat, then corners and cuffs you hard against the wall with "Dangerous Luv". Exploding at the end, the album blows up when someone quickly drops that "L BOMB"—ending abruptly and making you ache n yearn for more (why is love so painful?)

Inspired by the book, "The Secret", friends and producers, Sam Mehran, of Outer Limits Recordings, and Zak Mering, of Raw Thrills, Greatest Hits, Groove Zone CrewGunk TV Records, etc. and singer/songwriter Katie Wagner were sitting around one night watching the movie, when they decided to create this album. And while it may have all launched on the laws of the universe, and a meditative, new-age way of thinking, it ended up blasting into a new musical sphere and soaring into a much more spellbound, synthy n seductive, star trip of parallel encounters.

ALSO FEATURED on this LOA EP is Samantha Urbani, of the band Friends, (who also sings with, and is the girlfriend of, Blood Orange/Devonté Hynes), where she undoubtedly unleashes her provocative and alluring vocals in the track "Dangerous Luv".

Below are the 4 main tracks of the EP but you will have to go to Gunk TV to listen to the bonus unmastered version of LOA.

 Buy it on Gunk TV's Bandcamp now (or on iTunesAmazon, etc. soon).

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

James Ferraro – Blood Flow

Being more of a fan of Ferraro's earlier more edgy guitar work and vox, I was wondering where this new mixtape was gonna go after getting buzz of it on the internets (and not being totally impressed by his last few releases). However, this is a good indication of what's to come; I'm digging the hauntingly beautiful Boyz II Men–like vocals and electronic makings somewhat similar to the likes of Ellie Herring, Exeter and A.P. Witomski (really not to be taken literally).

Cold will be out March 25th—just in time for you to get Hot.

You know when things are so COLD they BURN.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fight Bite - Charlotte Iris [video]

/// Bandcamp

via nfop

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sofa Club - Actual Video [MP3s/video]

Lodged deep inside Staten Island's crevices next to stale Doritos 'n' crusty quarters, Sofa kings, Danny Lane, David Stagno and Max Tsiring, have made their way out of the cushion cracks to release their first EP, as Sofa Club, entitled, Actual Video. This 4-track EP is layered with loads of energetic, 80's-esque synth ‘n’ bass beats and topped off with Danny Lane’s totally outrageous vocals (and dance moves!).

photo/art by RN/tMK

Also found in the fissures of their first EP is Alice Cohen (on Gotta Gotta Gotta) and Autre Ne Veut (on Aroma)—both contributing key parts.

The digital version of Actual Video can now be found on Bandcamp with the ACTUAL Actual Video EP to be released/shipped on or around July 4th.

[MP3] Sofa Club - Actual Video
[MP3] Sofa Club - Danny Boy

Watch their video for Gotta Gotta Gotta (Directed by Marc Maffei).

And keep an eye out for 'Sam II'—Danny's bodiless babe that always makes her way onto the set of anything they do (see above).

Also worth mentioning: TODAY is Danny's bday (golden bday!) so a very happy birthday to him!

And one more thing, they have a few shows coming up (the next one being on the 7th, on Staten Island)—definitely worth checking out, as they're Sofa King good and Danny lights up the stage.

/// Facebook
[MP3] Sofa Club - Lose That Jerk

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Drooling so hard I could Splash in my own saliva~*

Though you may not get to see the high heels, makeup and glittery sweaters (that make you out-of-your-mind jealous!!) from this digital track, that's exactly what you can expect from this pool of soaking-wet transcendental, power-pop, boogie babez (Nick Scheider, Etienne Duguay, Jan Woo, Sasha Desree, and Andre Sellers), when they dive on-stage and deliver a live set that completely covers the dance floor with listeners' perspiration. HOWEVER, this version will not leave you short of an imagination or deprived of energy OR left without wanting to make-out with someone.

And while I can't help but think of Michael Jackson, The Jetson's Movie and every awesome 80's memory I ever had, with Ever Before, their overall sound splashes into a variety of tracks we aint heard N-Ever-Before >>> So much more to come!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

MD - Pretty Faces (Nate Trinrud Remix)

Actress, singer and songwriter, Marisa Duchowny, of New York's The Rabbit & The Hare, layed down an acoustic version of this track, which was then picked up and remixed by friend and actor, Nate Trinrud.

Inspired by a set of babez and beautiez during an audition and the desire to become 'known amongst a crowd of faces', Marisa jotted down some lyrics where she threatens to use "guns and bombs if her voice isn't loud enough!!!Though this track is soft and slow (and, lyrically, may be a little less enticing for a more edgy set of ears), it gradually picks up intensity and peaks around a min-and-a-half where it then becomes an infectious and melodic anthem for anyone who is trying to make it amongst the masses.

Artwork by Alis Pelleschi

[MP3] MD - Pretty Faces (Nate Trinrud Remix)

Marisa Duchowny and bandmate, Neill MacCallum, can be found singing together as The Rabbit & The Hare later this month at New York's RAW event May 24 at M1-5. And though these two started up as a folk duo, there's talk about exploring a more electronic route in the near future.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Raw Thrills - You Baby (mp3/video)

A little ray of sunshine
A little bit of soul
Add just a touch of magic [mering]
and BOOM! You got the greatest thing since rock 'n' roll

PHOTO: (from left to right) Z. Mering, Z. Mering, Z. Mering, Z. Mering, Z. Mering, Z. Mering (by RN/tMK)

One of my fav things about Zak Mering is his ability to emulate anything he chooses by manipulating his voice and sound, and mixing layers out of his quirky-and-creative-role-playing-self. BUT, of course, it doesn't stop there—he doesn't just play copycat, no, no, no—it's his own Magic Mering touch that leads what was once familiar into something new and strangely awesome. This unique individual—and I'd like to stress, individual—can quickly transform himself from a single Shredder (Turtles reference...duh) to a twelve-legged athlete on any given night—leaving you in awe while his voice takes laps around the track.

So with that said, I'd like to place you at the starting line (------) for this next zak-a-trak; here's his (their?) latest cover of the Turtles, You Baby............(just for You Baby).

[MP3] Raw Thrills - You Baby

This is off his 2nd LP, entitled, Sick Steez (...Sixties?), which also features a collab with Ariel Pink, and is set to be released thru our fav Japanese label, Sixteen Tambourines, this spring.

Check the original below. 


[MP3] Turtles - You Baby

Gunk TV | Bandcamp

Monday, January 2, 2012

[Physics] - Traci Overlords [video]

Another one from the lab.

Off his Love Electrical EP (just released last wk).


AyGeeTee - As Dreaming Angels Do [video/mp3]

New video by Jónó Mí Ló for AyGeeTee's As Dreaming Angels Do, off his latest release, Is It Safe? Now out on AMDISCS.

[MP3] AyGeeTee - As Dreaming Angels Do


Monday, November 28, 2011

Glass Eyes - Approval [video/mp3s]

[MP3] Glass Eyes - Makes New Life
[MP3] Glass Eyes - Pure
[MP3] Glass Eyes - Gift
[MP3] Glass Eyes - Aegean Coast

Off the album, Approval, now out on Zoology

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Savages - Dive Out Loud (Oxycodone Mix) [video/mp3]

gets real gewd after 1:08 (and especially @ min 1:16)

...took me a few listens but omg

This is off the Dive Out Loud EP, just released today on Bandcamp.

[MP3] New Savages - Dive Out Loud (Oxycodone Mix)

Apocalypse Miau [video]

by SlurpTV

[MP3] Vektroid - Mindscape

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Rest in Paradise

~~~~~~~~ Rest in Paradise ~~~~~~~~

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