Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Physics - Ice 7 [video]

Since the last time I wrote about Physics, Kevin Skyler released an entire EP on Amdiscs. This is his fresh new vid for Ice 7—a vid so hot it could even melt itself.

[MP3] Physics - Ice 7

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

World Series - The Saints [video]

Drop your dawg and git your mit ready, here comes a slammerrr.

Some of youz sports fans mighta already caught Colin Field's Episodes of El Niño last week on the new, heavy-hitter label, Beer on the Rug but if not, you best 'round the plate n head on ova to Bandcamp and git yourself a listen.

Gotta thank my buddy Dave for pitching this one (he hangs out at the Stadium up the street).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bobsleigh Baby - You Play Me [video]

New video by "tab_ularasa" for the 1/2 French, 1/2 Italian, 1/2 gurl, 1/2 guy quartet, Bobsleigh Baby (out of Rome). This is off their debut, self-titled LP on Jeetkune.

Bobsleigh Baby on MySpace

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monster Rally - Deep Sea

Pahty boatin' baby.

Shake, shake, shake yourself over to Gold Robot Records and grab this Deep Sea EP. Limited 300 opaque pink vynyl. Hand-screened art by Monster Rally himself.

[MP3] Monster Rally - The New Optimism
[MP3] Monster Rally - Siberian Girls

Also available on Bandcamp

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boy Friend - Lovedropper [video]

This dreamy, candy-coated video for Boy Friend's latest single, Lovedropper, premiered over at GVB the other day but it wasn't until today that I actually took the time to watch it—it's fantastic.

Directed by Amanda Joy

Grab the 7" over at Hell, Yes! Limited to 700 (first 300 on orange). Boy Friend's debut full-length is due out this October.

[MP3] Boy Friend - Lovedropper

Boy Friend on Tumblr

A. P. Witomski - Pandoraski

Woozy hot wired electricity supported by sweaty panting machinery that's lightly accented by 80's dream keys and Arnaud's soft but masculine vocals.

Slowly fade away into A.P. Witomski's new EP, Zenith October... (due out soon)

[MP3] A. P. Witomski - Pandoraski

A. P. Witomski on Bandcamp | Facebook

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Memories - Baby (You're Totally Crazy)

Accented by a dim light and the smell of second-hand smoke on my skin, this song caught me at the cusp of consciousness, late in the evening. Lost amongst my own memories, I heard Devin ("The Serpent" Ruben Perez) playing this song in the other room—repeating it, until we all slowly faded along with it. It made the best night cap (thanks Devy).

The Memories are a Portland, Oregon band made up of White Fang and BOOM! members. This is off their debut self-titled release—a 12-track album you should def head over to Bandcamp and listen to (though this track's my fave – I've played it 30 times today).

[MP3] The Memories - Baby (You're Totally Crazy)

Grab their Gnar Tape or their gnarly digital download.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ghibli - Pythia

I feel like it's only a matter of time until Thomas Michael aka Ghibli (and formerly known as Jaded Hipster Choir) starts laying down the musical atmosphere for some really incredible films or artistic productions. While he never loses sight of that jaded experimental pop we know and love in his forthcoming album, Pythia, his gorgeous use of samples paint dramatic scenes I can only envision as being part of a theatrical masterpiece.

Here's a little sample of this upcoming album, which is set to drop June 28th. And while this track just begins to skim over what I described above, just know (in my opinion) the best is yet to come. My personal faves are Societal Finches, Mountain Time, Yr Shade and Landing Spell.

[MP3] Ghibli - Suicide

Ghibli on Bandcamp | Facebook

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Wake - On Our Honeymoon [video]

While this couple may not be bumpin' boots on their honeymoon, this track is more than enough to get you to do the horizontal mambo every morning [ or night]. This one's been on relentless rotation ever since I snagged The Wake wax bundle on Captured Tracks; and I've sort of made it a ritual to "wake up to The Wake" ever since. I'd say it's better than a cup of coffee or a cold shower and it gets me kicking and dancing uncontrollably—even before I turn myself upright for the day (not to mention, it's become THE JAM of the week, right Rez?)

Video by Suburban Batherson. Footage from Gigolo And Gigolette.

In addition to the On Our Honeymoon and the previously mentioned Crush The Flowers 7"s, Captured Tracks is also offering a third double-sided 7", which features two radical tribute tracks from Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils (can't get enough of those either). The first reissue of all three 7s sold out FAST, so WAKE UP, folks, and don't miss their second (and final) run of it. Remember: YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.

Here's a recent (and a little more abrasive) cover by Dollchimes.

[MP3] Dollchimes - On Our Honeymoon (The Wake Cover) | Download

If you missed the Crush The Flowers video by Wooden Lens, check that out, too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


LA's Kevin Skyler offers more equations of motion than a freakin' physics book. If there's anything that fights the law of gravity, it would be this. Whether you dig floating cosmically in space or love becoming magically displaced (by way of s = .5(u+v)t), there's something here to get your rockets launching, your pistils firing or your mind soaring like a Nerf projectile at the velocity rate of v = u + a(t) whaaaa?

s = the distance between initial and final positions (displacement)
u = the initial velocity (speed in a given direction)
v = the final velocity
a = the constant acceleration
t = the time taken to move from the initial state to the final state

Physics - Don't Hurt Yourself Todd

Box of Toys - when daylight is over (Physics remix)

IKO - military service (Physics remix)

Physics - Steve and Sandra

Physics - Distance

Monday, May 9, 2011

Guards - Hear You Call

Richie Follin always has a way of igniting me with fiery energy—the kind that makes me feel like whatever it is I'm doing (like...sitting at a computer on a bus) is just not good enough. I always feel like I need to break the cage, jump the fence, jump a roof...jump some rope...whatever. It's the kind of music that makes me wanna rally up, live life and maybe cause a little havoc along the way.

"Let's set you free..."

Grab this 7" on Kitsuné or head over to Bandcamp.

[MP3] Guards - Hear You Call

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Raw Thrills - Laurel Canyon Dreamin' [video]

Hey lone rangers! Saddle up and head down the road to Laurel Canyon—a place where the air is dusty, the drinks are stiff and the rolling ranges and rocky peaks fill your periphery (not to mention, it's known for breeding timeless classics...and countless kai-yotes). So, grab a seat and a dirty glass and swig back some jack for this California cowboy!

You can see the tie-dye tumble weeds a-rollin' (and you'll be wiping dirt outta dem ears 'n' nostrilzz in no time).

Laurel Canyon Dreamin' is off Zak Mering's recently released cassette, Raw Thrills and his Chain Gang (which I had the fun privilege of designing with him). Unfortunately, this limited cassette has already sold out on Sixteen Tambourines; so you'll either have to bribe your friends or wait for this broncobuster to lasso up some new ones. Giddy-up!

[MP3] Raw Thrills - Laurel Canyon Dreamin'

Tracklisting (and previously mentioned):

1. Sunshine After the Rain
2. Laurel Canyon Dreamin'
3. My Life Was in Chains
4. Mrs. Robinson
5. I Was a Lover, a Leader of Men
6. You Can't Do That
7. Whole Lotta Lovin' (Daytripper Yeah)
8. Hurdy Gurdy Man
9. Sweets For My Sweet
10. Carnival Candy
11. Cherry, Cherry
12. Rock N' Roll Heaven Radio
13. A Place I Know

If you missed it, also check out his Byrds cover So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star

More on Gunk TV Records

CSLSX - Keep On Shining [video]

All around F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.Q.U.E.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LA Vampires feat. Ital - Streetwise [video]

New video by Ben Shearn for LA Vampires' Amanda Brown and Ital's Daniel Martin-McCormick (also see Mi Ami) for their upcoming 12 (under the name, LA Vampires Goes Ital) on Not Not Fun.

Fonts by Spencer Longo

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Arcade Junkies - Cruisin for Dinosaur Brain [video]

Fascinated by this parrot.

Grab Bryan Ferrari's Dinosaur Brain CDR at Beer on the Rug before it goes extinct. Limited to 75 copies. Out on cinco de Mayo.


Video by Zahid Jiwa

Mario Basanov - Do You Remember [Arithmatix! Remix] [video]

Mario Basanov—killing it with the 1968 film, Bullitt.

Click it or ticket.

Clams Casino - I'm God [video]

New video from 'Kohnkepik' for Clams Casino, featuring footage from Jean Rollin's 1989 film, Lost in New York.

Via Emmanuel Ducret