Thursday, March 31, 2011

Collateral Soundtrack - Collage

I can't get over how good this is. Picture a place in Guadalajara; it's summer and you're young again—in fact, too young to go anywhere on your own. You're hanging around the house; you're laying on your bed with your feet high on the wall: there are sounds traveling into your room from all directions: your mom's cooking dinner with her sisters, your bro's flipping channels on the TV, your dad's messing with the radio, and the decadent noise from the streets below combine with those of the surrounding apartments—together they meet up in your room, escorted by the warm air, and join to make one irresistible and delicious soundscape that plays along with your favorite records.

When I first listened to this album, a place of comfort, community and distractions came to mind. Below, enjoy this free album in its entirety, and let it take you to a place of your own imagination.

[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - La escondida y la ciudad de los mil caminos
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Me enamoro cuando...[con Apache O'raspi]
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Sociologia
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - 1911[con Benjamin Z]
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Buen dia
[MP3] Collateral Soundtrack - Matine[con Abigail Vasquez]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hall & Oates - MusikLaden Series [flashback videos]

So, I thought I'd keep it real today with some live Hall & Oates vids. These are from the MusikLaden series—a classic selection I like to revisit whenever I need a dose of good tunes and John Oates' Mustache.

Part 5 - Ennui On The Mountain

Part 3 - Is it a Star?

More on YouTube

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

K-Holes - Gutter [video]

Here's another rad motion collage video by Alice Cohen, which features some pretty awesome psychedelic rock by New York City's, the K-Holes.

Gutter and Into Black appear on their debut self-titled LP. Now out on HoZac Records.

[MP3] K-Holes - Gutter
[MP3] K-Holes - Into Black

K-Holes' Blog

Friday, March 25, 2011

Raw Thrills - Mind Surfin [Video]

If you're not already amped up for summer, this new video for Mind Surfin by Gunk TV Records' Zak Mering should do the trick. This is the B-side to Nightmare Studio.

Sounds like Zak's been listening to his Bangles records lately.

More from Raw Thrills on Gunk TV Records

J Mascis - Not Enough [video]

Video by Chad VanGaalen for Not Enough, off of Several Shades Of Why. Now out on Sub Pop.

[MP3] J Mascis - Not Enough | Download

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blood Diamonds - Lasting Love

A little more of a slow-tempo dance pop jam for you here. This is a new one from Blood Diamonds, who previously released a track that won a lot "Hearts" back in November.

This was just released; and like the other one, also dropped on The Pop Manifesto.

[MP3] Blood Diamonds - Lasting Love

Blood Diamonds also just whipped up a new mixtape today, which you can check out on soundcloud 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ssaliva - Moonblood [Bonus Track] [video]

Well, the Ssaliva videos don't stop (and we wouldn't want them to). I first saw Teenage Brain a few weeks ago, when Leaving Records announced the new Thought Has Wings release by Belgian dude, François Boulanger—an album full of crayola-colored vintage-sounding electro vibes. So, if you missed that release or that vid, def check 'em out and also have a looksy at this new/newer/newish video from Lautreamont RA Studios for the bonus track, Moonblood—which is only available on this limited cassette.

Here are two others off the album.

[MP3] Ssaliva - Best Lose The Dream
[MP3] Ssaliva - Crayola

More from Ssaliva on Bandcamp (also see Kingfisherg)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Babes - Teeth + Rome (Molasses)

Milwaukee's Babes just informed me of their latest track to be added to their set on Bandcamp. This new one is called, Teeth—a little something they looped and pitchshifted with some airy vocals. The second track, Rome (Molasses), which also has a crunchy finish was released back in Jan. Both are available for free, along with another one you can sink your fangs into.

Teeth is prob. the first real pop song that I can imagine being a successful summer hit if it also existed sans the distortion. Honestly, I could really see myself digging it either way. Perhaps, something to think about, dudes (I mean Babes).

[MP3] Babes - Teeth
[MP3] Babes - Rome (Molasses)

Honeydrum - Dead in The West

Honeydrum is back with another release but this time it's set to drop on Jheri Evans' and Dwight Pavlovic's newish label, Crash Symbols. You'll be able to find this 2-track digital release on Bandcamp sometime today.

Also, this may be available on cassette in the future, too, so keep an eye on Honeydrum's tumblr for more info and updates on this release. For now, you can stream the two tracks below.

[MP3] Honeydrum - Levitator
[MP3] Honeydrum - Dead In The West

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sun Glitters - Outside (Reprise) + Felt Asleep

Amidst a dreamy haze, I shed each cuffing layer that binds me to the day's burdens and glide barefoot across the long dewey grass that surrounds the lake's edge. The water shimmers and the sun glitters; and before long, I am submerged in a world of freedom and relief.

Here are two new tracks from Luxembourg's Victor Ferreira, who also just released an LP entitled Everything Could Be Fine. According to Victor, these were inspired by many years of sound research through different genres under the moniker sug(r)cane. These are currently available for free over at Bandcamp.

[MP3] Sun Glitters - Outside (Reprise) | Download
[MP3] Sun Glitters - Felt Asleep | Download

Sun Glitters on Facebook

Sutja Gutiérrez - Travel Song [Double Meaning] (video)

Sutja Gutiérrez defines artist in every way—not only is he a great musician but his drawings, photos and videos are such great forms of his strong artistic sensibility; you wonder why he's not pursuing a career down that path sometimes...(maybe 'cause we'd never ask him to stop making music!) In any case, this is a new video for Travel Song (Double Meaning), which is off of his somewhat recent release, Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack.

Also, if you missed Lucy (another must-must-listen!) and the rest of Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack, I highly recommend that you check it out and download it for free here or head over to Decaucho.

[MP3] Sutja Gutiérrez - Travel Song (Double Meaning)

Sutja Gutiérrez at

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oupa - Forget (video)

Yuck's frontman, Daniel Blumberg, is set to release his solo debut EP this June. Below, enjoy his title track, Forget, while it romantically mingles with Fabien Le Gourrierec's [always-so-perfect] choice of visuals.

Scenes taken from "I... Dreaming" and "Cat's Cradle" by Stan Brakhage.

[MP3] Oupa - Forget

Oupa at

Spook Houses - The Home EP

Some of Ridgewood's finest garage rockers are back with a new EP entitled The Home. This limited 4-track 7" release is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp for $7. Go grab it and make your spring and home that much more spooktacular!

[MP3] Spook Houses - Home
[MP3] Spook Houses - Turn Twice

Spook Houses on MySpace

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Volar Records Sampler

San Diego's Craig Oliver is the mastermind behind Volar Records, a label I delved right into after I wrote about Pope Anything (one of his featured bands) this week. Well, it turns out, not only do I love Pope Anything (a band with songs that, according to member, Jimmy Vincent, smell like a crying pork chop), I also really dig this dude's style, and thought you might, as well. Here's a little soundcloud sampler of some of my favorite Volar tunes (so far).

Ale Mania - Robust Universe

Dirt Dress - Alligator Lungs

Black Orphan - Metal Leg

Fresh & Onlys - Black Coffin (7" version)

Beaters - Fishage

Audacity - Ears and Eyes

Here's an interesting excerpt from an interview with Craig Oliver by the San Diego Reader, which explains the meaning of the label name, Volar.
“In English it’s a term for the palmar region of the hand. In Spanish it’s a verb that means different things — to fly, to disappear, to blow up or demolish, to be blown away by. My ex-girlfriend came up with it. We liked the idea of holding something in your hand that could be destructive or take flight.”
Visit Craig over at


Pope Anything - Up Against the Wall

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wolf Gang - Dancing with the Devil (Outer Limits Recordings' Coco Bongo Club Remix)

A club remix? Really? ...Yes...but not just any club remix, this is a Coco Bongo Club remix by Outer Limits Recordings. Yes, yes, I're confused. I'm confused. Just listen and don't hold back those animal instincts [cue the tiger sound] when tonight, you turn that living room of yours into a freakin' nightclub adventure. This may be your only least if you're listening to my blog, anyway...(and who knows if OLR will ever give us another Coco Bongo Club remix again).

Also, I thought you might want some fashion inspiration before you hit the dance floor. So watch this video (with tiger sounds galore) and "let it lead you on a journey of your own creation"

OK, I think you're ready to listen to this.

[MP3] Wolf Gang - Dancing with the Devil (Outer Limits Recordings' Coco Bongo Club Remix)

More Outer Limits Recordings on OESBEE, Gunk TV or here (also see The Sweethearts)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pope Anything - Up Against the Wall

Pope Anything has a debut EP coming out next month on Volar Records. Up Against the Wall is the first track off of this album entitled Witch Tits (which happens to feature four big beautiful zebra asses on the front).

In addition to this psychedelic pop rock jam, there will be three more to get you kicking those hind legs and jumping up against the wall. This is set to drop April 19th: you have until then to behave yourselves.

Also on Bandcamp

Raw Thrills - So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (The Byrds Cover)

So, you want to be a rock 'n' roll star? Well, take it from this one, Zak Mering, who recently became the founder of new label Gunk TV Records, due to all of his successes and collaborations with friends—that include but aren't limited to—Tyler Thacker, Sam Meringue and Reuben Perelman in projects like The Sweethearts, Greatest Hits, Outer Limits Recordings, Raw Thrills and the latest to hit the lineup, Happy Healthy Boys (check out this live vid by Weird Magic's Aaron Katsnelson). If there's anyone who knows a good rock 'n' pop path to follow, Zak Mering would be the man to ask these days.

This cover of The Byrds is the most recent track by this psychedelic pop rocker, and like most (wait, let me rephrase that—all) of his covers, this new one of his gets me right in my own rock 'n' roll heart (right where it effin' matters). I love that he covers these classics. Keep 'em coming, Zak.

[MP3] Raw Thrills - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (The Byrds Cover) | Download

Like always, you can find more by Zak Mering and his gang on here or over at Gunk TV Records

Monday, March 14, 2011

Puro Instinct - Stilyagi (ft. Ariel Pink) (video)

Stilyagi is the first single from the upcoming Puro Instinct full-length Headbangers in Ecstasy, which is set for release on Mexican Summer. The 7" single, which features the background vocals of Ariel Pink, is now available for pre-order.

[MP3] Puro Instinct - Stilyagi (ft. Ariel Pink)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun (video)

Here's another great video from Jacqueline Lachance for Alex Zhang Hungtai (also see Lantern). All footage was filmed by Jacqueline "using found slide film and other odds and ends."

This track is off the Golden Desert Sun 7" that was released last year on Italian Beach Babes

[MP3] Dirty Beaches - Golden Desert Sun

Dirty Beaches at

Saturday, March 12, 2011

CFCF - It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Games Remix) (video)

Speaking of Games (see last post) here's a new unofficial video from Franck Deron for their remix of It Was Never Meant to Be This Way by CFCF. This track, as well as two other remixes, appear on the bonus version of The River, which was released last October.

[MP3] CFCF - It Was Never Meant to Be This Way (Games Remix)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Grum - Cybernetic (video)

This video just reminded me of how much I love this song. I first listened to Grum almost a year ago when the album Heartbeats was released. I got totally psyched on it, bought a few tracks, listened to them a ton and then somehow forgot about them until today (such a waste).

If you're not familiar with this track, I'd say it kind of has a Games Midi Drift thing going on (even though this was released first).

Clips taken from The Return (1980).

I just read that Grum has some new tracks to play while on tour. Lets hope we can expect another 80's influenced electro album soon.

[MP3] Grum - Cybernetic

Grum on MySpace

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honeydrum - Pink Lips

With a new cassette out every two weeks or so, Honeydrum has been pretty consistent with their releases lately. Pink Lips is the 4th 3-track cassette from these guys.

You can grab this album over at Bandcamp or at Amdiscs. To purchase this cassette, visit these guys on Tumblr.

[MP3] Honeydrum - Human Stuff
[MP3] Honeydrum - Dream Eyes
[MP3] Honeydrum - Those Babes

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yellowbirds - The Rest of My Life (video)

This video was made with a digital camera, some old books and mags, an x-acto knife and a program called iStopMotion...and lets not forget, some love and sweat...and maybe some of Sam Cohen's blood, too.

This track is off the album The Color. Now out on The Royal Potato Family and available on Bandcamp for just under $10.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lee Noble - Fantasy Hair (video)

New video by Moduli TV for Lee Nobles' Fantasy Hair. This track is off the upcoming cassette release No Becoming, which is due out on Sweat Lodge Guru. This album is currently available for streaming over at Bandcamp.

(via No Fear of Pop)

MIXTAPE: I Saw A Mustache Driving A Pickup Truck

So...pretty much, this mix is about a mustache that drove past me while I was on a walk one day. It was actually in a suburban, but since pickup trucks are way more fun to draw, the name of this mix—and the first thought that crossed my mind that day—has been altered. Let's hope the mustache hasn't changed one bit.

I really want to know how that thing got its operating license...

[MP3] Gross Ghost - You Tell Me | Bandcamp
[MP3] Paper - Into the Navy Navy Blue Blue | Bandcamp
[MP3] Bass Drum of Death - He's So FineFat Possum
[MP3] The Twerps - Black Eyes | OESBEE + Underwater Peoples
[MP3] Ba Babes - Round My Neck | Fungal Hunger | Bandcamp
[MP3] School Knights - Fuck The Beach | Out this summer | Label TBD
[MP3] Beach Fossils - Calyer | Captured Tracks
[MP3] Shucks - Demo2 | Bandcamp
[MP3] Dom - Beth | Capitol Records
[MP3] White Fence - Lillian (Wont You Play Drums?) | Woodsist Records
[MP3] Hot & Cold - Someone's Following Me | Bandcamp

The Wake - Crush the Flowers (video)

I can't believe 1981 was 30 years ago: this is a new video for this old track that was previously released on Scan 45, and is about to get repressed next month on the ever-awesome label Captured Tracks.

This video is from the wonderful Portland, Oregon trio we know as Wooden Lens. Scenes taken from håb og kærlighed (Hope and Love) (1984).

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grauzone - Eisbär (Flashback Video)

Visiting the oldies today. Here's a video for Grauzone's 1981 track Eisbär, which means Polar Bear. This is off the album Die Sunrise Tapes.

[MP3] Grauzone - Eisbär

Friday, March 4, 2011

Belong - Perfect Life (video)

New video by Lawrence Woolf for Belong's darkwave track Perfect Life. This is off their sophomore album Common Era, which is due out March 21st on Kranky.

[MP3] Belong - Perfect Life

Belong on MySpace

Gobble Gobble - Boring Horror 12" Single

Gobble Gobble's new 12" single drops the 7th on deBonton. In addition to several highly energized dance infused tracks, that have been floating around for a while now, it also features two remixes.

To give you the scoop: Sundance remixed Boring Horror—an already highly danceable track—into something more along the lines of a "traditional club jam", where Second Date took a different approach, and remixed Eat Sun, Son into something that has completely confused my natural urges to either get up and dance, or to just sit back with my thoughts and watch the rain run down the window. It's a track where chaos meets peaceful beauty; I don't think I've heard anything like it—totally fresh.

You can pre-order this maxi-single over at deBonton or wait for it to come out on iTunes here. The digital version also comes with an extra bonus track.

[MP3] Gobble Gobble - Boring Horror

Gobble Gobble on MySpace

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jef Barbara - Flight 777 (video)

Buckle up passengers! Jef Barbara is about to take you on an "evil" ride.

This is off Jef Barbara's Contamination cassette. Now out on Amdiscs (floating cat not included).

Jef Barbara on Tumblr

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cankun - Jaguar Dance [excerpt] (video)

New video by Jónó Mí Ló for an excerpt of Cankun's Jaguar Dance. This is off of Cankun's upcoming cassette release on Not Not Fun. Due out this April (see previous post).

Cankun - Jaguar Dance (Excerpt) from Jónó Mí Ló on Vimeo.

Cankun on Tumblr

John Maus - Quantum Leap

John Maus' third full-length We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves, drops June 27th on Upset The Rhythm (in Europe and the UK) and June 28th on Ribbon Music (in North America).

Quantum Leap is the second track on this album but is the first mastered song to be released so far. The track, ...And The Rain, which I posted earlier this week, was an unmastered version that leaked out by Maus' brother. In any case—one being a demo or not—you can still get a sense of how radical this record is going to be.

[MP3] John Maus - Quantum Leap | Download

(via NFOP + AZ)

Rollin Hunt - Criminal

Criminal is a little pop gem that I first heard on No Fear of Pop a few weeks ago, and since then, have returned to it many times for countless repeats. Upon first listen, I fell in love with its moody intro but around second 48, it took an unexpected turn that made me want to draw hearts around its name (I didn't actually).

This is off the Criminal/Castle of Nothing 7", that is expected out later this month on Moniker Records. Rollin Hunt is also said to have a full-length due out later this year on the same label.

[MP3] Rollin Hunt - Criminal

View more of Rollin Hunt's drawings
Rollin Hunt on MySpace

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Concretes - Crack in the Paint (video)

New video by the very talented Jamie Harley for The Concretes Crack in the Paint. This track is off their full-length WYWH, that was released back in November on Friendly Fire.

Scenes taken from the 1961 film Ursula.

The Concretes : 'Crack In The Paint' from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

The Concretes on Tumblr

Big Gold Belt - Ice Cream (video)

Dig in! Here's a new video by Alice Cohen for one of Big Gold Belt's B-side tracks called Ice Cream.

WARNING: diabetics watch at your own risk.

Big Gold Belt "Ice Cream" from alice cohen on Vimeo.

You can grab their debut self-titled 12" over at Sockets Records