Thursday, August 11, 2011

Raw Thrills - Please Let it Happen to Me [MP3/video]

Using footage from one of my favorite live videos from the 60s, The Temptations - My Girl (which you may have already spotted at Coco's bday party), as well as some other timeless b&w film, Zak Mering, aka Raw Thrills, brings us an up-to-date Joe Meek-inspired classic. Well, kind of... this was actually recorded in 2009 but he just decided to dig deep into his music archives and unearth this love gem.

Hold me now.

[MP3] Raw Thrills - Please Let it Happen to Me

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Punks on Mars [video]

Ryan Howe, formerly known as the artist, Luke Perry, and member of Greatest Hits, just dropped his debut deluxe LP under the name, Punks on Mars (on his label Ratgum). Here's a little preview of what this glittery space-craft has in-store 4u.

NOTE: $10 (+ shipping) will also land you a teen dream poster for your locker or bedroom.

[MP3] Punks on Mars - Glitter on Mars
[MP3] Punks on Mars - Shout Your Lungs Out <--- The Beets cover



Gunk TV Records
| Ratgum Records

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dreams West [videos/MP3s]

nu Dreams West.

kind of nu Dreams West.

[MP3] Dreams West - Nu Age
[MP3] Dreams West - P U R E // M 0 0 D $
[MP3] Dreams West - Volvo
[MP3] Dreams West - Super Gran Turismo
[MP3] Dreams West - EMC Corporation

Dreams West Tumblr | Facebook

Featureless Ghost - See Through [video]

Spotted this new Featureless Ghost vid over at GOTC. This is off their new LP, New Moods, which just dropped yesterday on Double Phantom. This is currently available as a free download or as a 'pay what you want' over at Bandcamp.

[MP3] Featureless Ghost - See Through

Video by FG's very own Elise Tippins.

Featureless Ghost | Bandcamp

Monday, August 1, 2011

EXCLUSIVE | Guest Mix by Jorge Torrens | Tiger Beat

Camouflaged in a disco, jungle suit, Jorge Torrens (aka Milky Sway) becomes the first predator to pounce his way onto Relentless Noisemaker territory with a special, exclusive guest mix. This sleek and stealthy 45-minute set is roaring with heart-throbbing, star-lit, safari adventures and a new—and very early—Halloween Dream Team, jam banger by him and his tigress, Mandy Pixley (aka Candy Starlight).

Over the past year, Jorge has had many self-releases, as well as a couple from AMDiscs, under the names, Port City (with Brooklyn friend, Prince Panther) and Milky Sway (often sighted with Candy Starlight)—all of which I have followed very closely, so I am super psyched to honor him with the first-ever guest spot and present you with this mixx.

"Now that's the beat"

1. Su Kramer - Magic Dance
2. Milky Sway & Candy Starlight - Halloween Dream Team
3. Firefly - Love is Coming
4. Premiere Classe - La Fille Qui Rit
5. Klein & MBO - Wonderful
6. Codek - Me Me Me
7. Blackway - New Life
8. Blackway - Music for Us
9. Premiere Classe - Poupee Flash
10. Sphinx - Collision
11. Claude Larson - Telex
12. Slang - Turn Me On

[MP3] Jorge Torrens - Tiger Beat Mix

Milky Sway & Candy Starlight | Facebook
Port City | Facebook