Friday, May 13, 2011

The Wake - On Our Honeymoon [video]

While this couple may not be bumpin' boots on their honeymoon, this track is more than enough to get you to do the horizontal mambo every morning [ or night]. This one's been on relentless rotation ever since I snagged The Wake wax bundle on Captured Tracks; and I've sort of made it a ritual to "wake up to The Wake" ever since. I'd say it's better than a cup of coffee or a cold shower and it gets me kicking and dancing uncontrollably—even before I turn myself upright for the day (not to mention, it's become THE JAM of the week, right Rez?)

Video by Suburban Batherson. Footage from Gigolo And Gigolette.

In addition to the On Our Honeymoon and the previously mentioned Crush The Flowers 7"s, Captured Tracks is also offering a third double-sided 7", which features two radical tribute tracks from Wild Nothing and Beach Fossils (can't get enough of those either). The first reissue of all three 7s sold out FAST, so WAKE UP, folks, and don't miss their second (and final) run of it. Remember: YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE.

Here's a recent (and a little more abrasive) cover by Dollchimes.

[MP3] Dollchimes - On Our Honeymoon (The Wake Cover) | Download

If you missed the Crush The Flowers video by Wooden Lens, check that out, too.


  1. I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for giving me this idea for my honeymoon.

  2. I dropped by to pay my compliments and see what ever became of the masterworks of Suburban Batherson. But the video has alas been canned.

    Maybe he quit YouTube because of a wave of copyright-attacks on him. What a pity. Lovely treasure-trove of stock footage from the 1940s/1950s.