Thursday, May 5, 2011

Raw Thrills - Laurel Canyon Dreamin' [video]

Hey lone rangers! Saddle up and head down the road to Laurel Canyon—a place where the air is dusty, the drinks are stiff and the rolling ranges and rocky peaks fill your periphery (not to mention, it's known for breeding timeless classics...and countless kai-yotes). So, grab a seat and a dirty glass and swig back some jack for this California cowboy!

You can see the tie-dye tumble weeds a-rollin' (and you'll be wiping dirt outta dem ears 'n' nostrilzz in no time).

Laurel Canyon Dreamin' is off Zak Mering's recently released cassette, Raw Thrills and his Chain Gang (which I had the fun privilege of designing with him). Unfortunately, this limited cassette has already sold out on Sixteen Tambourines; so you'll either have to bribe your friends or wait for this broncobuster to lasso up some new ones. Giddy-up!

[MP3] Raw Thrills - Laurel Canyon Dreamin'

Tracklisting (and previously mentioned):

1. Sunshine After the Rain
2. Laurel Canyon Dreamin'
3. My Life Was in Chains
4. Mrs. Robinson
5. I Was a Lover, a Leader of Men
6. You Can't Do That
7. Whole Lotta Lovin' (Daytripper Yeah)
8. Hurdy Gurdy Man
9. Sweets For My Sweet
10. Carnival Candy
11. Cherry, Cherry
12. Rock N' Roll Heaven Radio
13. A Place I Know

If you missed it, also check out his Byrds cover So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star

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