Thursday, August 5, 2010

Big Troubles - Bite Yr Tongue

Watch this video, or you'll be in Big Troubles! I mean that. These guys will leave Jersey and come find you. That is, unless, you're already in Jersey – and, in which don't have much time to escape; so, you should probably just watch it then, huh?

OK, so you watched it. Now what? Alright, here's an idea: if you don't pass this along to ten people in the next ten minutes, you'll be in MORE Big Troubles over the next ten years. Just kidding. I don't mean that. I would never put a curse on you... but you should pass this along because you like Big Troubles and you want your friends to hear how awesome they are.

Oh, and one more thing, find these guys on MySpace......or else......I'm telling Mom!

(Is that overboard? Did I go overboard??...should I bite my tongue??)

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