Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Fruhstucks - Parade, I Don't Care EP

As I sit here with the sun shining outside and plans of brunch and camping with friends, I was about to hit that magic button that suddenly frees me from my music addiction and allows me to go be productive. We all know this button - the 'Shutdown' button. Or in most cases, for me, the 'Sleep' button (because I know I'll be back). I welcome and fear this button just the same but it's times like this when I hover over it then draw back from all danger and click on that one last album, and don't regret it one bit.

This is what Fruh-st(r)uck me and I listened to it; and decided that it couldn't wait 'til later today or tomorrow - I needed to share it now; and I'll probably be late for brunch. I hope my friends can forgive me.

The Fruhstucks are as delicious as my brunch is going to be. MMMMMMM, stream this yummy EP and download it for free below.

<a href="">Intro - I'm A Drama by The Fruhstucks</a>

This is their muy delicioso video of She Doesn't Know. Eat it up.

The Fruhstucks - She Doesn't Know from The Fruhstucks on Vimeo.

The Fruhstucks - Interview

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  1. I think it's funny that I compared them to breakfast/"brunch" when I didn't know that their name meant breakfast.

  2. Yes that is really funny! haha
    Kisses and lots of love lady!