Friday, September 17, 2010


Totally digging some Tonstartssbandht tonight.

I love what they did with Big Country's In A Big Country in their track Black Country...(how many times can you say country in a sentence?) These four tracks vary from indie pop to noisy experimental psychedelica, and vary so much, it sounds as if they are produced from different bands. Enjoy.

[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Midnite Cobras
[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Preston "Great-Ass" I'm Fat
[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Black Country
[MP3] Tonstartssbandht Electric Dragon Sword

Edwin shared a live video of Electric Dragon Sword with me from when they were known as Nasa. "It's the 4 man version, with the homemade synth amp overpowering bass and guitar." Check it out: Nasa - Electric Dragon Sword

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