Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fruhstucks - 'Hats and Cats' and 'Rithm to Love' (videos)

This is Hats and Cats (an older one of theirs/their first single). Directed by Adrian Lendinez.

This video is great; it's so creative. Enjoy...but don't kill any CAT$, OK?

The Fruhstucks - Hats and Cats from The Fruhstucks on Vimeo.

Watch this one if you feel like smiling! I looped it a few times and I couldn't stop laughing. In addition to some fun entertainment, there's also some really chill beats that will totally relax you (and the contrast is great between the two). This video definitely has more than enough Rithm to Love. Get after it.

The Fruhstucks Eyes - Rithm to love from The Fruhstucks on Vimeo.

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