Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Boylant - 'Silver Thistles' and 'Sweet Nothing'

I know a Boylant song when I hear one, that's for damn sure; well, I guess the fact that they come from him also helps but there is something so undeniably unique about Reed Parker's voice and the atmosphere he creates with his somber, yet cheerful beats and melodies. I always find myself swaying in my seat, nodding my head or tapping my fingers in a very relaxed way. It's the kind of music that distracts me from whatever I'm doing and leads me to glossy gazes and twirling of the hair.

His newest of the new tracks Silver Thistles lives up to its name with its shrilling sharp edges and reflective vocals in shiny silver surfaces. And his other new track Sweet Nothing should be called Sweet Something because that's exactly what it is.

[MP3] Boylant Silver Thistles
[MP3] Boylant Sweet Nothing | Download

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