Sunday, November 14, 2010

French Films - Golden Sea EP and Golden Sea Video

I don't know how these guys managed to do it in this short four song debut EP but Finland's French Films has created a sound that fluctuates between that of more well known bands, such as The Drums, The Cure, Franz Ferdinand, The Colour, Stellastarr and even Joy Division. I know that's a lot to live up to (and they sound like The Drums more than any of them) but it's the vocals that really trigger those musical connections for me. All and all I don't think you can go wrong if a band is compared to even one of those aforementioned.

French Films released their Golden Sea EP last month.

[MP3] French Films Golden Sea
[MP3] French Films Take You With Me
[MP3] French Films Lift Me Up
[MP3] French Films Dropout Jr.

Here is a video for their awesome title track.

French Films - Golden Sea from hoodywarrelsonboots on Vimeo.

Check out French Films on MySpace

(Thanks to iamnosuperman)

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  1. Love the title track. Just made it my Swell Tune of the Day.
    I'm feeling Joy Division as cast by John Hughes....