Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Maria Minerva - More Than A Woman

Constantly surprised and completely blown away (always) by Maria Minerva's voice and musical makings, I finally wrote to her and requested this AMAZING Bee Gees cover that she uploaded on SoundCloud earlier today.

Apparently, her best friend—who, incidentally, is also named Maria—is staying with her, and while they both share the same name and the title of "each other's biggest fan," they've also been sharing thoughts on everything random from "philosophy to men and haircuts" over a time-span of "96 hrs" (and counting). This song is not only one of the most lovely and (again) AMAZING Bee Gees covers I have ever heard but it is also a symbol of their ever-loving friendship and a product of all the awesome weirdness that's been going on over there in London.

In addition to serenading each other with sweet-sweet love songs, the two Marias can be found "investigating the world of pop songs" through art and collabing under the moniker mariaUNDmaria. This track, according to Maria (the 1st), is actually somewhat of a sequel to their "performance, No More I Love You's - Language is Leaving Me".  Definitely curious to see what else these two will come up with...

[MP3] Maria Minerva - More Than A Woman

Grab her Noble Savage 12" over at 100% Silk and def keep an eye out for her Cabaret Cixous release on Not Not Fun. Her ultra-limited Tallinn at Dawn cassette on the same label has sold out.

[MP3] Maria Minerva - Little Lonely | Noble Savage 12"
[MP3] Maria Minerva - California Scheming | Tallinn at Dawn cassette

If you missed it, watch this vid.

Maria Minerva on Facebook

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