Thursday, February 3, 2011

Honeydrum - Saturdays

Honeydrum just released their second cassette called Saturdays, which was just picked up by Amdiscs. This 3-song release includes one track for your morning, one for your afternoon and one for your evening (or, you can just do what I'm doing and play them all at once over and over again).

For f*%k's sake, I love his voice – it reminds me of Ian Curtis.

[MP3] Honeydrum - Saturday Morning
[MP3] Honeydrum - Saturday Afternoon
[MP3] Honeydrum - Saturday Night

Download this album for free on Bandcamp or on Amdiscs, OR help support Honeydrum by purchasing this 3-song cassette on Tumblr. Like before, they only have 24 copies. $5 includes shipping anywhere in the US.


  1. i think it sounds more like a young jim morrison/stephin any rate it is damn sexy! love the new release!

  2. colourfully produced

  3. cynthia, def a good call on stephin merritt

  4. really really fresh. love it! <3