Sunday, February 27, 2011

John Maus - My Whole World's Coming Apart // Time to Die (live video)

Still totally blown away by the whole super secret John Maus show that went down Feb 11th in Brooklyn and, I should also add, I am still totally jealous of anyone who actually got to go to this special event shit show.

Photo by Weird Magic's Erez Avissar.

Here's a video from that night, which was a collaborative effort of Elise O. of Pixelhorse and Aaron Katsnelson of Weird Magic. This starts out with My Whole World's Coming Apart and then transitions into his performance of Time to Die.

John Maus - "My Whole World's Coming Apart/Time to Die" from Elise Oh on Vimeo.

Sum other trax 4 u.

[MP3] John Maus - And the Rain
[MP3] John Maus - Do Your Best

For more photos, videos and the full scoop on this show, visit Pixelhorse and Weird Magic

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