Sunday, February 13, 2011

Terror Bird - Waiting For Nothing EP

Last night, I was driving home through the notch when the mountains broke and revealed a sky full of violet clouds and a moon that pierced the night with such a vivid force it almost seemed violent. For me, Terror Bird's Waiting For Nothing EP paints the same beautiful but eerie picture in my mind—even on a day when the sky is clear and I am expected to be happy. Nikki Nevver's voice has the kind of intensity that leaves me questioning even my own emotional state; it digs deep, stirs things up and even adds a little bit of fire.

Here are two of the four stunning tracks off of the EP. This will be released March 7 on Verulamium. Limited to 500 copies of brown vynyl. Pre-order it here.

[MP3] Terror Bird - Waiting for Nothing
[MP3] Terror Bird - She Kissed Me (And I Fell Ill)

Also, here's another track that was released last month on Beko DSL, in case you missed it.

[MP3] Terror Bird - Can't Tell What's Real

Terror Bird on MySpace

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