Saturday, July 31, 2010

Miniature Tigers - Fortress

Miniature Tigers just released their sophomore album Fortress this week; and with the help of Christopher Chu (of the Morning Benders) and Neon Indian, this record has turned out to be one solid collection of acoustics, synth and experimental indie rock; they've come a long way since their debut album.

It's hard to say which track I like the most but I think it could be one of these guys: Japanese Woman Living in My Closet, Bullfighter Jacket, Goldskull or Egyptian Robe.

Test Yourself: Christopher Chu produced all but one song on this record. Can you tell which one Neon Indian produced?

The fan that made this video of Goldskull synced up the sound with the footage pretty well, given the varying pace of the two. Check it out.

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