Monday, July 26, 2010

Whitehaus Family Record, Many Mansions and Lord Jeff

Last week, I ventured over to the House of Blues (Boston) to listen to Shane Donnelly (aka Many Mansions) stimulate psychic and spiritual possibilities through his use of the synth, keys, samples and relaxing, yet powerful, vocals. When I arrived there, I saw that Many Mansions had evolved from just one man, Shane Donnelly, to a band of four (Orion Russell on drums, Sean Goggins on guitar and David Kadden on oboe). While I sat there, my senses danced as the healing powers of their post-new age/post-world music spanned the room; and I can only imagine what it did for others, as more and more people crowded around.

After the show, I got to talking with these guys and they informed me that they had another show right after—same guys, different band. So I headed over to O'Brians (in Allston) with them to watch them play as Lord Jeff. This time, Sean Goggins lead vocals and guitar, Orion Russell stayed on the drums, David Kadden manned the oboe and organ, Shane Donnelly jumped on the guitar, and a fifth band member, Sam Portrykus, rocked the bass). With the same talent of Many Mansions, these guys equally excited the crowd in this bar as they did the last, only with new rock melodies and medleys. If you're ever in the Boston area, check out both of their bands. They have a split LP coming out on Ecstatic Peace Records. Release date TBD.

For more information on these guys and other forms of artistic inspiration and creation, check out their record label/house/collective at

"The Whitehaus is a community of people in Jamaica Plain, MA who make music, poetry, art and happenings. The Whitehaus Family Record is a record of some happenings which have happened. With our online store you can purchase/download/listen to records of those records which we have decided to make available. We spread the yes wave and perform all over the globe."

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