Friday, July 16, 2010

Music For A Hazy Summer Day (or Evening)

This music makes me feel weak, hot and sticky, or maybe that's because I already am? I'm sitting here feeling just that but I keep letting my mind wander to a place where I'm laying on an old cloth couch, feeling the fan blow and watching the wallpaper droop from the humidity. You know those days where it's just too hot to move, it's too hot to eat and it's even too hot to put your bathing suit on and go for a swim, so you just lay there motionless? Yes, I'm having one of those days. Will someone please pass me a cold drink or throw me into a lake? But FIRST, listen to these awesomely hazy and gazey summer tracks by Evenings and Sultan below.

<a href=""target="_blank">Still Young by Evenings</a>

Find North Dorm by Evenings on bandcamp here

Find Evenings on myspace here

<a href=""target=_blank">Sun Trip by Sultan</a>

Buy this digital album by Sultan for $1 (or donate more) here.

Find Sultan on myspace  here.

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