Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Babes - Teeth + Rome (Molasses)

Milwaukee's Babes just informed me of their latest track to be added to their set on Bandcamp. This new one is called, Teeth—a little something they looped and pitchshifted with some airy vocals. The second track, Rome (Molasses), which also has a crunchy finish was released back in Jan. Both are available for free, along with another one you can sink your fangs into.

Teeth is prob. the first real pop song that I can imagine being a successful summer hit if it also existed sans the distortion. Honestly, I could really see myself digging it either way. Perhaps, something to think about, dudes (I mean Babes).

[MP3] Babes - Teeth
[MP3] Babes - Rome (Molasses)


  1. I downloaded both the babes by teeth and Rome and I am loving them. The sound is so cool.

  2. Thanks so much for the cool tracks. If only they can help me with my emergency dental care!

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